Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Bayshore Tea Party Group Announces Full Support for Mayor Anna Little

Middletown, NJ April 14, 2010- Bayshore Tea Party Group, after having spent several months vetting candidates for New Jersey Congressional District 6, today announces it's full support for Mayor Anna Little. Ms. Little, currently Mayor of Highlands, NJ, appeared before various Tea Party groups and has won almost unanimous approval from our members.

Bayshore Tea Party Group is a grassroots entity made up of individual members united together in a common desire to see less government intervention, lower taxes and a free enterprise system. Mayor Little has instilled confidence in our members that she will be the candidate that will best fulfill those desires and has made a commitment to stop the out of control spending in Washington, DC.

The Bayshore Tea Party Group members wish Anna Little all the best and pledge to do all we can, as individuals to help her in her campaign heading towards the June 8th Republican Primary.


Anonymous said...

That's nice :) good luck to Anna!!

keepin' it real for the right reasons said...

there ya go: it's just not right for the Anna-haters to make like there's no support out there for this tough cookie who has every right to run, and put forth a conservative alternative that the people are now clamoring for!..

Thats Right said...

Let's win Anna!

Anonymous said...

When she looses by huge numbers will anyone give Puharic credit for recognize her short commings and dealing with them. She is toxic!!

Oh, give it up! said...

the only credit Puharic deserves is for being the most exclusionary, mean, and short-sighted chair in some 50 years..losing the first seat in over 20, paying all his friends to do little jobs volunteers should do,generally totally out of his league.. we are well rid of that type of leadership!..if Anna loses, she loses, the fix sure has been in for weeks!!..

Anonymous said...

Those tea baggers are hopeless. Little is toast. Gooch is the best candidate to beat Pallone.

Anonymous said...

Its really funny how Anna won the race for Freeholder when the establishment republican candidate lost. she is subjected to all types of dirty tricks by the establishment to prevent her from running for re-election.
This conservative Republican then goes on to be elected mayor in a Democratic town.

Yet the establishment claims she is toxic.

The rank and file no better. She is a threat to all the money grubbing professional politicians in the party and that is why they hate her.

Too bad for them that the public loves her.

Anonymous said...

What all of you insiders are missing is something called the"facts".When Anna was booted off the Board of Freeholders she could have run as a Democrat.Yes Vic Scudieri would have crowned her and exalted her instead of throwing her under the bus.And if you insiders remember "Bid Rig",you would of know that year the Freeholder seat was taken by a D.That D could of been Anna.Yet she chose to remain loyal to the party who dumped her like sour milk.So when you bash Anna,you are truly a jackass and know nothing about politics!Long Live Anna !!!

M. Laffey said...

Interesting story,
I was at a networking breakfast about a week ago and this guy in his late 20's stands up and introduces himself. He is a graphic artist not a political guy.
He talked about different jobs he has done and what he is currently working on.
He ended by telling the group that he was going to be doing some voluteer graphic design work for a congressional campaign. He had met this women running for congress at a chamber of Commerce meeting named Anna Little and was really impressed with her so he volunteered to help.

That story says a lot.

One of the " little people" said...

Have known Anna since she was in law school and she is one of the most decent of people.

Just what this area needs in a candidate. Someone who relates to the people regardless of party.

Today it is difficult to have any respect for some of what populates the republican establishment !

Think the thing most going for Gooch is her monied condition not any other quality . Anna has stuck by her convictions and that is to be respected. Another person would have told Puharic and Barham and a few others just where to stick it and gone over to the other side.

Loyalty seems to have it's price!!!

Anonymous said...

In Anna's case it's still going to be tough running a campaign completely predicted on "boots on the ground" without any real financing.

I'm sure Anna is a lovely lady, but Diane is a lovely lady too.

one of the "little people" said...

That's the kind of thinking that imposed Jon Corzine on N.J..

Chose the wealthiest not the best candidate or the most qualified.

Money talks and the hell with the rest of the people.

Anonymous said...

But is Anna really the best qualified?

She speaks well- a bit like a lawyer making closing arguments. She has elected official experience- and clearly has conservative values-

Isn't a good fundraiser- has a full time job and needs the money- so has to work while capaigning. And in the event she quits work- who's going to help her clients get immigration status, visas, green cards and passports? It would be unfair to drop them in the middle of the immigration process. One mistake in that process and it all blows up on them.

She's qualified to help write an immigration bill if she gets to Congress- so thats good. (I wonder, is she in favor of Amnesty?) But beyond that, why do we think she's so "qualified?" One year as a Freeholder...

Not saying that Diane is anymore qualified- but beating Pallone who has $4mill will require some money. It's delusional to think otherwsie.

I like them both

Bayshore Boy said...

Anna is qualified because she has the best message.
Besides that she is intelligent, speaks 4 languages,Freeholder, Mayor, proven vote getter.
I mean really exactly what are you looking for. We could run George Washington or Abe Lincoln but they are dead. Seriously what more are you asking for.

oh I get it only independently wealthy candidates are qualified.Even if somebody else made the money.
Visit her website

As to the people who are so concerned about whether she can maintain her business. Its nice you are all concerned but how the hell is that relevant. That is her problem not yours. I never heard anyone ask a candidate about that before.

Anonymous said...

The "LITTLE ENGINE" that actually could win this. Grassroots, & voter contact, voter contact, voter contact, wins this race. Some money, but not millions, can still win this race.

I'd like to see it happen for Anna. She is real, knows the issues, is smart and seeks to do what is right and just. What more could you ask for, except a vote for Anna, I sincerely believe she will not disappoint those who vote for her.

Most voter's do not care about the in's and out's of the political game. They want real people that they can relate to, those who know the issues first hand, no career politicans or self-interest gains, we have enough of those in Office already. We need to stop the insanity, she will be there stopping it. Just give her the chance & your vote, regardless of Status Quo.

Anonymous said...

That's just what's wrong with politics in this state.....We elected and patronize wealthy bullies!!!

Look what it gets us....are you happy????

None of the rest of us are!!!!

A foot soldier said...

Anna is one of us. She believes in the things we believe in. She has strong conservative principles.

We need to show the establishment we reject their lmosine liberal candidate from outside our district.

Anna can do this but she needs our help.

I urge you to visit her website


and donate whatever you can even if it is only 10 bucks.

Lends send the political bosses a message.

Anonymous said...

Thats a great idea to send Little a check becuase she could use the cash- she only raised $3,000 in the first quater compared to Gooch's 270k, and Little only has 1900 on hand.

BTW- I hear that Gooch is pretty conservative- not a liberal at all.

Anonymous said...

Anna has the same message pretty much every other Republican has. The only difference is that she delivers it in a preachy 5th grade teacher sort of way. Very hard to take her seriously with $3,000. Even a grassroots candidate needs some gas in the car. Her candidacy is bordering on futile and insulting.

get with the freedom program! said...

oh ye of little faith and priority:.. what's insulting, more every day, is the elitism, the over-taxing, over-regulating, and absolute trashing of our liberties and rights,that we all endure every day, because too many are on the dole, and too many did not pay attention, for far too long.. well, I say, go for it, ANY Republican, conservative, real working American who's sick to death of it all!.. I could care less about what ANYone has in the bank: the more noise we ALL can make, to slow this disaster down, the better!.. FOCUS, rather than hate or put-down, please!!..

Anonymous said...

It is great to have a "group" support...not a good thing, but reality is that the "group" has to put its $$$ where its support is...with Pallone having that obnoxious war chest. It should not be "all about the money" but there has to be a groundswell of people +some machine to HAVE ANY CHANCE for ANNA>>>hree grand DOES NOT do it!!!! http://query.nictusa.com/cgi-bin/cancomsrs/?_10+H0NJ06164

The goal has to be to BEAT PALLONE!!!! who really has ANY chance???? $$$$$$ candidate...that is the trut Anna get on baord as Shannon Wright did!!! PLEASE!!!!

Anonymous said...

Well thats nice to hear Gooch is conservative .
hard to tell since she has no positions om her website and the only candidates she and her husband have donated too other then some local republicans (who are hardly conservatives) are liberal democrats. Including Frank Pallone and the liberal PAC Act Blue.

Money can not win an election wiyj out a Convction in your beliefs, a message and the ability to articulate it.
Gooch has none of that.

Anna will raise the money she needs to beat Gooch and then the 200 grand she will need to beat pallone.

message not Money is what matters in this election