Friday, April 23, 2010

The Cartel Showing In Red Bank, April 27

The Cartel, Bob Bowdon's eye opening, blood boiling documentary that exposes waste and corruption throughout New Jersey's education system will be shown on Tuesday, April 27, 7:30PM at the Clearview Cinema in Red Bank.

Online ticketing is available here.


Anonymous said...

If your interested in seeing the salaries of admistrators or teachers or any pulic employees for that matter. Do a google search for the Asbury Park Press' "data universe" and see why education and public employees are in the business of BIG MONEY. Its shocking to see.

Anonymous said...

As a former school board member, let me just say it.....the responsibility for this wasteful spending is directly because of the school board's willingness to follow the dictates of the school superintendents and business administrators. And I don't mean ALL the board members; it only takes a majority and that is the first thing the NJSBA teaches you in its MANDATORY initial training. Who made that mandate? Why? School board members are duly elected public officials who have to be sworn in. This is on their heads, their consciences...and that of every NJ citizen who could have cared less about school elections in April. THAT is why this situation has escalated.