Thursday, April 29, 2010

Christie Not Running For President in 2012

Governor Chris Christie's principled leadership in the face of New Jersey's fiscal crisis has garnered national attention leading to his name being mentioned as a 2012 presidential candidate by conservative pundits. Prompted by a reporter, Christie nipped the speculation in the bud. He's staying here to finish the job he's just started.

This is good news for New Jersey and it is good news for President Obama. It is bad news for the GOP nationally because none of the known Republican presidential contenders have a credible shot at defeating Obama.

2012 was never in the cards for Christie. The work he is doing to bring sanity to government will not start paying dividends until 2012, if we're lucky. As his agenda takes hold it will be emulated by states throughout the nation and Christie's national stock will soar even higher.

Assuming the GOP takes at least one house of congress this November, Obama will emulate Bill Clinton and start governing from the center. The economy will improve and Obama's popularity will be restored, making him a favorite for re-election.

If Christie is ever to seek the presidency, it won't be until 2016 or 2020.

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Anonymous said...

I still say, never say never. You just never know.