Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Governor Christie On The School Budget Defeats

The following is a clip from Governor Christie's press conference this afternoon:

GOVERNOR CHRISTIE: Yesterday an extraordinarily clear signal was sent. 58% of the school budgets across New Jersey were rejected by voters yesterday. To place that in historical context for you, that is the most school budgets by percentage that have ever been rejected in the history of the State of New Jersey. And the voters through that have spoken loudly and clearly. Yesterday, in essence, was a statewide referendum on taxes and spending in New Jersey. And when New Jerseyans, who have been endlessly generous to out K-12 school system - the most generous taxpayers in America to the K-12 school system - say in overwhelming majority, enough, stop. All of us in public life have to stand up and take notice. And I think that is exactly what yesterday was all about.

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Anonymous said...

well, let's see if the usual shell-game goes on this time: budget goes down, council cuts a few grand, unions and admins are happy, on and on.. or, not?...