Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Mayor Little joins NJ Tea Party and Independence Hall Tea Party presenting Healthcare Petition to Governor Christie

(Trenton, NJ) April 27, 2010 – This morning Mayor Anna Little met with representatives of the NJ Tea Party and the Independence Hall Tea Party as they presented a petition in opposition to the Health Care Bill to Governor Christie's Aide. The petition was in the form of an eight foot long scroll bearing over 900 signatures and comments opposing "Obamacare". Tea Party Representatives expressed both constitutional and economic bases for their objections to the bill.

"Citizens' objections to the Health Care Bill are well founded and based on violations of the Constitutional rights to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness," said Mayor Little. Mayor Little went on to state that"'Obamacare' not only obligates individuals and employers to purchase health insurance, but further requires policies to be acceptable to the federal government. The Constitution does not empower federal government to require citizens or employers to make specific purchases."

Governor Christie's Aide explained that the Governor was reviewing the matter and that the meeting had been set for her to listen to the concerns of constituents and bring that information to the Governor for consideration. Tea Party representatives explained that they were supporters of Governor Christie's fiscally conservative policies. However, the impact of the Health Care Bill on constitutional rights makes the issue of paramount importance.

Mayor Little stated that an additional concern raised by the Health Care Bill was the potential rationing of care, the need for federal government officials to approve treatment alternatives, and the violation or abolition of doctor patient privilege. "This Health Care Bill comes close to violating the right to Life, in that it alludes to the possible denial of treatment for lack of government approval.", said Mayor Little. "It is this aspect of the bill that raises such alarm among the citizenry."

A total of 1200 signatures were submitted to the Governor's office opposing the Health Care Bill on legal grounds. Governor Christie's office will advise regarding his decision on this matter once review is complete.

"Tea Party organizations should be proud of their work relating to this violation of fundamental constitutional rights. It is an honor and a privilege to join with them in their efforts to bring these violations to light." concluded Mayor Little.

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good for her..go for it!..foot work vs.the wallet..many people will appreciate the effort..