Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Rasmussen: 53% of NJ Voters Approve of Christie's Performance

A Rasmussen poll released this morning indicates that 53% of New Jersey voters approve of Governor Chris Christie's performance.

This must be driving the trough swillers in the legislature, unions and their media lap dogs crazy.


Anonymous said...

Christie has done a great job so far. Starve the beast!! He has courage of his convictions and will finish job voters sent him to do...cut taxes and spending. Really pretty simple when you think about it!!!

stopthesocialists said...

Art- I'm surprised it isn't 93%. I haven't run into one person who has had anything negative to say about what Christie is doing. The unions couldn't defeat him last November, and they won't be able to now. Our survival as a state has come down to whose interests will prevail - the unions' or the taxpayers'. Every union that Christie breaks will bring us one step closer to fiscal solvency.

Anonymous said...

Only 53%? wasn't that Obamas percentage of his vote

this is the problem with this country 45% are consistantly on one side. 45% are consistantly on the other and the final 10% jerks both sides around, back and forth back and forth.

Anonymous said...

He will be known as the Greatest Governor in the history of NJ. 99 days and already there!

Messages will be made throughout NJ when the school budgets do not pass. I do hope all voted NO on the school budgets if the teachers did not take a freeze.

Anonymous said...

higher than 53% I'm sure.