Saturday, April 10, 2010

RIP Bob Franks

Former Congressman Bob Franks died yesterday evening at age 58 after a brief battle with an aggressive form of cancer, according to a report in the Star Ledger.

Governor Chris Christie issued the following statement on Franks' passing:

“Bob Franks was an American Patriot. Bob loved his country, he loved New Jersey, he loved public service and he loved his family.

“Not only was Bob a great Assemblyman and Congressman, but he was also an outstanding political leader for the Republican Party. He provided tireless leadership to our party and our state and, as a result, trained his successors—the next generation of New Jersey’s and America’s public servants. He saw that as part of his duty as a leader and it was truly one of the joys of his life.

“Mary Pat and I are truly saddened by the tragedy of his passing and the inconceivable void it leaves for Fran and their three beautiful children. We will be praying for them and we ask all New Jerseyans to pray for Bob and his family during this extraordinarily sad time.”

Assemblyman Dave Rible remembers Franks for his leadership, compassion and bi-partisanship. "From the time I first met him while he was running for Congress in 1992 to just last year when he came to Long Branch with his daughter to read to sick children, Bob Franks was a gentleman and a genuine leader. Throughout his career Bob an example for other public servants to follow. He will be sorely missed. My thought and prayers are with him and his family."


Old timer said...

Bob Franks for me, was,bar none, the best and most engaged, personable, and down-to-earth Chairman our state party has seen in 25 years..he was constantly in touch with his counties,districts, and towns.. he continually held meetings, affordable gatherings, and training sessions for candidates and managers, statewide, and held the only NJ statewide convention I ever heard of,in 1991, at Rutgers.. a large Monmouth contingent went,that was the year we beat all odds with Smith and Corodemus in LD 11..we all had just a wonderful,informative, uniting day!.. so much of politics these days is automated and impersonal, we have lost sight of what it actually needs to be about: real people!..I am so sad for his family, and will always think fondly of him and his great works for our state and nation..all leaders,and would-be leaders, should "take a page" out of the substantially successful book of Bob Franks!..God bless him,may he rest in peace..

Bea Sena said...

How difficult it was in 2001 as a Schundler supporter to campaign against Bob Franks for the gubernatorial nomination. At the time a reporter asked me about him, and all that I could say was that Bob Franks was a good man but belonged in Washington, not the Governor's mansion. How fitting now that this great man now sits in the mansion of the Lord, and has won the greatest race of all, seated at the right hand of God. Rest in peace, dear Bob Franks. It was an honor and a privilege to have known you.