Monday, April 05, 2010

Sipprelle Challenges Holt to Healthcare Debate

Princeton, April 5, 2010 – In a letter sent to Congressman Rush Holt saying their differences on the issue of healthcare reform “could not be starker, nor the philosophic divide deeper,” businessman Scott Sipprelle (R-Princeton) challenged the incumbent to a debate on healthcare at a time and place of his choosing, saying residents of the 12th Congressional District deserve nothing less.

Sipprelle said he hoped the healthcare forum would be the first of “frequent public debates” about the future direction of the country between the two candidates.

“The voters of our district will benefit from hearing our contrasting ideas on how to ensure that America remains the shining city upon a hill long after we’re both gone,” said Sipprelle in a letter to Holt that was sent via fax, email and regular mail to Holt’s campaign office on Saturday. “To that end, I am writing today to challenge you to debate the merits of the recently passed healthcare reform bill that you vigorously supported in Congress and that I strongly opposed as both a businessman and a candidate for public office.”

Sipprelle repeated his stance that the new healthcare law will saddle residents with higher healthcare costs and higher taxes, destroy the incentives for job creation, and worsen the quality of healthcare in America.

“The differences between us on this transformative legislation could not be starker, nor could the philosophic divide be deeper,” continued Sipprelle, adding a format and moderator could be quickly agreed upon between the two campaigns. “If any issue was worthy of a spirited public debate between two candidates running for Congress, it is this one.”

Thus far, there has been no response from Congressman Holt or his campaign.


Wake me when it's over said...

ok, he's following the challenger playbook:challenger waves arms and says: "here I am, pay attention to me!".. incumbent ignores their existence, for as long as possible, sends out taxpayer-funded newsletters to let the voters know how "hard" they're working,saves their money for the street and tv at the end- rather predictable... haven't seen Diane go there, yet: if she did/does challenge him, Frank, the lousy debater that he is,would probably accept this time..oh, Lord,how long this campaign is gonna seem!!

Anonymous said...

Holt is going tonhave hard time ignoring when Sipprelle starts blasting him on tv.

Anonymous said...

maybe because its barely april and the filing deadline hasn't even happened - why in the world would Holt agree to a debate now?

Anonymous said...

go go Sipp keep it up. To 2:14 hey the guy who lost this primary was campaigning a year ago sending out press releases when he was not even the party pick, seems Sipp is standing on much firmer ground.

Bayshore Boy said...

Wake me when its over

Gooch has to get past Anna Little first and No way she wants to debate Anna.

She will get her clock cleaned but good.

Anonymous said...

these 2 Congressional races are going to be so scary: lots of union goons and big bucks will be sunk into Monmouth for them..I do believe Sipp will fare better than for the Primary, Anna's brave but those who support her beliefs need to step out of the shadows, like now, and put in some will only strengthen opposition to Frankie..