Monday, April 12, 2010


Focused On United Effort To ‘Send Pallone Home’

PLAINFIELD, NJ – Small business owner and community leader Shannon Wright has announced that she will suspend her campaign for the Republican nomination in the Sixth Congressional District and offer her support to fellow businesswoman Diane Gooch.

“This campaign was never about me. It was about my family, my friends and neighbors throughout the district, and Frank Pallone’s stunning lack of effective representation in Washington. His unabashed and proud support in cosponsoring Speaker Pelosi’s takeover of nearly 1/5th of the US economy via the healthcare power grab is more evidence of his having lost touch with those he is supposed to represent.”

In her primary campaign to take on Pallone, Wright won the endorsement of the Union County Republican Committee and received votes at all four of the district’s county screening committees or conventions.

“Diane Gooch has run a successful business and created jobs in our local economy,” Wright said. “I’m confident she will bring common sense fiscal policies to Washington, DC. I’m proud to support her and look forward to working with her to help Frank Pallone find another line of work, because we can’t afford him anymore.”

Wright, who holds a degree in economics from Virginia State University, is a Certified Small Business Planner with the American Management Association. She is a Pastor with her church and a small business owner. She lives in Plainfield with her husband and four children.


Anonymous said...

Further proof that she was a stalking horse put up by the establishment to split Anna littles support at cpounty conventions.

if she were the conservative she says she is she would not be endorsing Gooch

Anonymous said...

1. She was in the race long before Anna Little.
2. She's a liberal at heart.

Anonymous said...

She was a registered democrat up until a very short time ago. "Stalking horse" who makes this stuff up? Anna has no chance of beating Pallone. If that is our true goal and mission Anna can not get it done. Wright realizes this and endorsed the candidate who can get the job done!!! Simple as that...

Anonymous said...

Pallone is praying Anna does not win the primary.

Look at the people who were working for Wright. I bet my bottom dollar they were put up to it.
You think Wright was paying them?

Anonymous said...

Gooch can't beat Pallone. She can just make him spend some of his money.

It's November at 8:01 pm that matters said...

there ya go,5:32: anything to help Frank spend down a few of his $4 mil to make it a tad easier,for when Frankie runs against Kyrillos for Senate, after the "retirement," by Lautenberg.. (as if life hasn't already been good enough for Joe!)....again, it's an interesting year, so who knows?.. would LOVE to see Frank wiped out of his 12th try, IF voters are really as mad as they say!

Anonymous said...

anything to help Frank spend down a few of his $4 mil to make it a tad easier,for when Frankie runs against Kyrillos for Senate

Oh, is that the plan? Is this why Diane's contribution checks are being handled in Joe's Senate office? And btw, is that even legal?

it'll be fun said...

whatever, right place, right timing, Joe may just get to becme a US senator, yet.. that'd be great, if we thought he'd be a conservative alternative to "the corpse".. well, we'll see, it'll be worth Pallone going down and out, to try!..there's only so much damage one lib official should get to inflict upon us!!

Anonymous said...

we can replace a corpse in a suit with an empty suit.
thats what I call progress.