Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Anna Little's Campaign Gains Tea Party Momentum

Highlands, NJ- Congressional candidate for New Jersey's 6th district, Mayor Anna Little of Highlands, has been endorsed by NJTeaParty, an association of the leaders of individual Tea Party organizations and other conservative organizations in and around New Jersey. The May 7th endorsement by NJTeaParty is an impressive encore to Anna Little's endorsement by the Middlesex County Tea Party on Thursday, May 6th.

“Anna Little will be an outstanding, genuine and Constitutionally-centered Congresswoman for the 6th district” said Rev Steven Maness, Chairman of the Middlesex County Tea Party.

Anna Little is no stranger to the Tea Party movement. On April 27, Little joined NJTeaParty in presenting a petition calling on Governor Chris Christie to mount legal opposition to the National Health Care Act. To date, Anna Little has been endorsed by the Bay Shore Tea Party, Jersey Shore Tea Party Patriots and Independence Hall Tea Party PAC.

The former Monmouth County Freeholder has also received support from the Conservative Party of New Jersey. Little caught the attention of Chairman Steven Spinosa at the Americans For Prosperity Congressional Forum on March 27th, where she was the overwhelming winner of the straw poll co-sponsored by Americans for Prosperity and the Political Club for Growth.

Accolades have also come from the facebook fan page of Conservative talk radio juggernaut, Rush Limbaugh, which recommended Mayor Little to more than 78,000 followers via Facebook on April 30th: “Let's profile another conservative candidate! Check out Anna Little, a great candidate running for Congress in the 6th district in New Jersey! She seems to have a great platform, and we want to see her elected in November!”

Mayor Little's core values of fiscal responsibility, free market principles, and Constitutionally limited government are in keeping of those embraced by the Tea Party movement.

Anna Little, who has been called the only true Conservative seeking office in the 6th Congressional district by the Conservative Party of New Jersey’s Executive Director & Vice Chairman Michael Illions, certainly is a rising star on the political scene.

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Anonymous said...


And you're bragging about this?

Wake up and smell the brew. A tea-bagger endorsement is akin to getting approval from the Association of Village Idiots.

Thats Right said...

"A tea-bagger endorsement is akin to getting approval from the Association of Village Idiots."

That's precious. Talk to me on June 9th, idiot.

Anonymous said...

Tell that to Bob Bennett and Christ.

Now lets hope the Tea pety can deliver the vote

Anonymous said...

Hey anon 12:38 - leave the LVGA out of this.....

Thats Right said...

"Tell that to Bob Bennett and Christ."

Exactly. And Martha Coakley and John Corzine and Creigh Deeds and...

"Now lets hope the Tea party can deliver the vote"

I won't use the word "guaranteed", but something just south thereof will suffice.

Get out the vote said...

it's all in the turnout, who cares more: establishment or grassroots..