Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Corsi Hitting The Airwaves

CD 12 looks to be heating up.

David Corsi is taping a TV commercial on Friday morning and visting the MoreMonmouthMusings studio for an interview Friday afternoon.

All Republican primary candidates in CDs 6 and 12 are welcome to use this blog for press releases, announcements, videos and/or be interviewed between now and June 8.


uniter not divider said...

he'd do the sentiment/movement out there a huge favor by backing Little, at this point..seeing your name on a ballot and on a lawn sign is fun, but making it all actually happen requires a whole team effort,and not being way over in the third or fourth column!!..sometimes one serves more, by stepping aside at a critical moment....respectfully,Mr. Corsi, hand over your followers, and help make history, and wake up the party, in the meantime!

Mark said...

Sir or Madam, Corsi's opponent is Scott Siprelle in the 12th CD. Anna Little is in the 6th CD vs. Ms. Gooch.

Help grab one this time said...

understood, but several people I know like both Anna and Corsi for having similar suggesting Anna in 6 has a better shot in a primary than Corsi in 12 at this juncture, so, Corsi coming over to assist with the camp of another "outsider" off the line, can help to make a gain few expect: baby steps, if you will, to get the point across to the lock-step mentalities of many of those "entrenched"..