Friday, May 21, 2010

The David Corsi Interview

CD 12 GOP primary candidate David Corsi has been after me for an interview since February. When I met David at the Monmouth County Lincoln Day Dinner, he didn't impress me as a serious candidate. He had not been, to my knowledge, at any party functions and frankly, he didn't know who I was or about this blog. Not that I think I'm a big deal or that the blog is a big deal. In the big picture, I'm not and the blog is not. However in Monmouth County political circles, and to a lesser extent the statewide, this blog is well known and it is sought out by candidates, office holders and others looking to get their message out. Corsi had not done his homework.

I gave Corsi my card, which has my office number, fax number, cell number and email address on it. Over the last couple of months he left me three messages at the office. Never sent a press release or any email. Never called my cell. Again, not to toot my horn, but when I contrast that to the state senator who called my cell phone repeatedly, like seven times, until I answered one evening in March, Corsi didn't want to talk to me that badly.

I really stopped taking Corsi's candidacy seriously when he was a no show at the Middlesex County GOP convention in March. As you will see during part 2 of the interview, he insists he was at the convention and spoke. He wasn't. In case my memorary failed me I went back and checked the photos I took there and called two other people I know would have noticed his absence. He wasn't there. Maybe Dave thinks the screening committee meeting was the convention.

Dave finally got me on the phone earlier this week. I was going to plead too busy, but I had already announced on the blog that all candidates were welcome to interview. I guess Dave finally discovered the blog. I was really hoping Scott Sipprelle or Diane Gooch would call. When he told me he was taping a TV commercial on Friday morning and could meet me in the afternoon, I figured, if he's going on TV, he must be serious.

So here it is. Dave Corsi finally got his interview with MoreMonmouthMusings. He showed up at my office Scott Brown style in a pick up truck with a sign in the bed. I don't regret giving him the time. He might regret his tenacity in getting here.

In part one, I asked Corsi repeatedly why he wants to be a congressman. He gave me his stump speech for 10 minutes when I finally moved on:

In part 2 of the interview, I ask Corsi why he is a better choice than Scott Sipprelle. Again, he doesn't answer the question. He does rail against Republican leadership, making some valid points. He trashes the Independence Tea Party that endorsed Sipprelle and he claims he was in attendance at the Middlesex County convention seeking its nomination:

If you're still viewing, take an Advil. Better take two because part 3 is painful. While discussing tax policy, David favors the "fair tax" or a national sales tax, and how that will solve our national $13 trillion debt and our unfunded liability for social security, Corsi makes a monumental gaffe. He claims that General Motors is actually a profitable company, but that its profits are overseas and that management won't repatriate the money because of our tax system. I checked on his convention attendance claim, but I'm not checking this one. If someone can document that information I'll max out on donating to David's campaign and I'll come up with a poll that Diane Gooch can win.

He did finally answer why he's a better choice that Scott Sipprelle:

David Corsi is a patriot. He is well meaning and actually has some good ideas. He is not ready for Congress. He might want to consider running for council in Oceanport.

Anyone think Scott or Diane will be calling?


Anonymous said...

doubt it.. wish he could quit and come over and help Anna in 6.. she stands for many of the same things..

Mark said...

Mr. Corsi has attended several Tea Party candidate vetting sessions. Early on he was touting himself as a 3rd party candidate. In one of the early Tea Party vetting sesssions he received a rousing negative response to the 3rd party approach. The grass roots uproar took him by surprise as many folks stood up and gave him a tongue lashing about the 3rd party run. He was literally screamed down by a crescendo telling him to get in the GOP primary or go home. Shortly thereafter he entered the GOP primary. There is more to the Tea Party movement than most realize. Good luck, Mr. Corsi. Next, Sipprelle's experiences at Tea Party candidate vetting sessions. It was going well for him, until...............

Gene Baldassari said...

Hello Art,

Some of your facts and logic need adjustment.

You started out complaining about how Corsi did not contact you enough to earn an interview. But later you indicated your wish that Sipprelle and Gooch would contact you. I guess that Sipprelle and Gooch do not have to earn an interview with you?

You should be honored by the fact that Corsi contacted you. Perhaps Scott and Diane do not consider you to be important enough to reach out to you. Dave Corsi represents the little guy, not just Fox News and CNBC.

Next you wrote about the need for Corsi to have visited the Middlesex Convention in order to be considered a legitimate candidate.

I do not know whether he was there or not. Nor do you. But that is not the issue. The issue is your implication about the importance of the Convention.

The GOP establishment has chosen 12th Congressional losers as challengers for the past several decades. You've failed to point out why conventions have any value to anyone other than party bosses.

Next, you make an offer….

“If someone someone can document that information I'll max out on donating to David's campaign and I'll come up with a poll that Diane Gooch can win.”

I’m sure that Mr. Corsi will accept your generous offer. He will probably appreciate this support for his campaign.

Here is a Seattle Times article that quotes an accounting firm on how foreign income prevented GM from bankruptcy before the bailout….

But the issue is not the breakdown of GM profits. It is the failure of American economic policy to support American business. I heard Corsi very clearly in your video give a solution to this mess that no other 12th candidate has articulated.

I can go on and on with fact checks, but the point is clear. You are a great guy and are very charitable to produce a nice blog for the public. But you are still a novice. You are not ready this type of major blog. Maybe you should start out doing a township blog to gain experience?


I've known Dave for several years and can vouch for his ability to do the job that will be necessary to help put America back on track and adequately represent 12th District Citizens.

Corsi is the best candidate in the 12th. He has a better understanding of job creation, finance, small business economics and general freedom issues than Holt or Sipprelle. Perhaps that is why Dave has received the grass roots endorsements and assistance from the little people…the active Tea Party Groups in the 12th.

And, also of major importance, Corsi is the only candidate who will not have the Wall Street tag that will destroy Sipprelle against Holt this year.

dwight said...

Several months ago I met David Corsi for the first time when we invited him to attend a candidate vetting process sponsored by the Jersey Shore Tea Party Patriots. Of course I had heard of Mr. Corsi, but because of the near impossibility during the last election cycle of anyone beating Holt, I did not take the time to actually listen and understand Dave's positions.

While it is true that several people at that first vetting session, made it clear to Corsi that he had zero chance of getting any Tea Party support running as a third party candidate, it is not true that he was shouted down or confronted in any way. In fact, Dave got a rousing ovation from our members. We liked his knowledge, his understanding of economics and his passion for stopping the madness in Washington.

I don't know if I was the first to approach David about running for the the Republican line as opposed to splitting the vote and guaranteeing a Democratic win, but certainly he listened to and promised me he would reconsider. The next time we saw Mr. Corsi, he had made his mind up to run as a Republican.

Being fairly new at this political game, I had no idea what Corsi would be up against concerning the the underhanded backroom deals that the Republican Party calls a fair process. But Corsi knew. He told me months ahead of the conventions exactly how they would turn out. He predicted Gooch and Sipprelle would get the nods. Mr. Corsi seems to have a much better handle on the reality of NJ GOP shenanigans than you do Art.

For your information I was at the Middlesex convention and spoke to Dave there. I asked him why he was not speaking or putting himself up for a vote by the delegates. He said he had limited resources and did not feel that expending them on a convention where the outcome was a done deal was very prudent. He told me Siprelle would get twice the delegate votes as the second place candidate. That is exactly how it turned out. So it looks to me like Mr. Corsi seems to understand the process and it's value a bit more than the sponsor of this blog. No offense.

My reading of your comments concerning a maxed out donation to Mr. Corsi's campaign if it could be proven that GM was profitable outside the US is this, only checks are acceptable and can be made out to "David Corsi for Congress". Or you can make the donation at his web site.

Another blogger commented on the contradiction in your statements about Dave calling and Siprelle not. That was a great point so I need not expound on it except to say that every candidate, if he is serious about running and winning, spends as much time seeking out as many places to be seen and heard as possible. Some venues are more viable than others, but every outlet is important and should be sought out. So Art, if I were you I wouldn't inflate my importance too much just because a candidate called you a few times.

In closing, you have made a rather quick assessment of Corsi and seemed to cop a bit of an attitude towards him in a relatively short period. On the other hand, David has made himself available to every request each of the Jersey Tea Party groups have made of him. And unlike some blog operators, he always returned our calls. During the past several months we have spent literally hours talking to him, asking him questions and getting a sense for the truly passionate gentleman he is. Contrast this, if you please, with your pre-judgment and a 15 minute interview.

In my opinion Mr. Corsi is a man of integrity and will stand with the people when he sits in Washington. He will beat Sipprelle and he will then end the liberal nightmare called Holt. You Art, are on the wrong side of this one.

Dwight Kehoe
Bayshore Tea Party Group

Art Gallagher said...

Hello Gene,

You must be new here.

I'm sorry, but my blogging style is often conversational. About half of my readers (according to my statcounter, it is probably more in reality) are daily repeat visitors. I often write a piece assuming my readers have a background knowledge of other pieces I have written.

If you had been reading regularly you would know that Sipprelle and Gooch both reached out to this blog and others, and frequently send in press releases and other announcements. David has never done that. Both Sipprelle and Gooch has agreed to interviews here and later backed out. I am happy to report that Scott called today and if all goes and planned he and I will have an interview on Friday of next week.

I explained why I have not taken Corsi's candidacy seriously and I stand by it. He doesn't understand the process, and neither do you. Rather than win within the established process you make a lot of noise, lose, and blame the process. Or, you get the interview you've been seeking, it doesn't go well and you have your friend come on and demean the interviewer.

No one has to earn an interview with me. I opened the door to everyone still in contention. During the party screening process I avoided using the blog to put "wannabees" on the map. I know who my readership is and the difference exposure here can make. A candidate has to have realistic credibility or otherwise inspire me before than can use me to get to my audience.

David still has not inspired me, but, I made public offer, commenters from the Tea Party groups were mentioning him, and he told me he was going on TV. So I gave him a shot. He was unprepared and blew it, in my opinion.

Nevertheless, I am honored. Not because David wanted to interview with me. I'm honored that my influential readership comes here day after day. It's not because of me that David, and others want to interview with me. Interviewing with me is dangerous. It is because of my readership that people want to be here. I understand that and I'm honored by readers, who made this blog the 222,141st most visted website in the United States this week.


Art Gallagher said...


You might want to post that link for the Seattle Times again. I cut and paste it into my browser and got a "page doesn't exist" notice. If you don't know how to embed the link in the comment, feel free to email it to me. If I owe David a contribution, I will make it, but he bothced that answer about GM so badly I suspect I'll find an out.

Thank you for your kind words about my great guyness and generosity in producing this site.

As far as being a novice or being ready to have this type of "major blog" I said, I leave that up to my readers to decide, and remember, David asked to come here, repeatedly.

Oh, I do know whether or not David was at the Middlesex County Convention. He wasn't. I was. The convention was the largest gathering of CD-12 primary voters to date and probably will remain the largest single gathering of CD-12 primary voters through June 8. His not being there was a huge missed opportunity, if he was a serious candidate. There, I pointed out why it is of importance to people other than the party bosses. Thanks for the opening.

You said,

Corsi is the best candidate in the 12th. He has a better understanding of job creation, finance, small business economics and general freedom issues than Holt or Sipprelle.

I respectfully disagree. Sipprelle's understanding of job creation, finance and small business economics is superior to David's. General freedom, David might be stronger. I'm not sure yet.

You also said,
Corsi is the only candidate who will not have the Wall Street tag that will destroy Sipprelle against Holt this year.

That's true. Tune in next week to hear what Scott has to say about that.

dwight said...

I believe the maximum donation to a candidate is $2,400. When can Dave expect his check?

While you are writing the check you may want to view this article.

Bayshore Tea Party

Anonymous said...

I have been to several vetting sessions and I found Mr Corsi to be a very dynamic Candidate. I can see him challenging Congress and getting things done.

Anonymous said...

Dave is a nice guy, and his inclinations are good, but he's not ready for national office. Your discussion with him about GM was a complete disaster unfortunately.

GM on a consolidated basis was hugely unprofitable, and had been so for years prior to its bankruptcy. It is true that GM made money in some foreign markets (China, for example), but the income earned in those foreign markets (which was reflected in GM's consolidated financial statements) was nominal in relation to the massive ongoing losses in North America and Europe. The tax code had nothing to do with GM's failure. Evan had GM been able to repatriate its share of the cash earnings tax free from those foreign operations which were profitable, it would have been completely insufficient to keep the company afloat.

I am glad the Dave is out there putting forth some good ideas. The Party can use his talents, but he should focus them (at least for now) on building the base and supporting its candidates IMHO.

Thanks for the interview Art.

Art Gallagher said...


Like Gene's link,this is what I get when I go there:

"You have tried to access a page that does not exist or has been disabled. You will be automatically redirected to in ten seconds, or click here."

Feel free to email me the link. If I owe Dave the money, I'll send it out right away. Like I said to Gene, Dave botched that answer so badly, I doubt I owe it.

Art Gallagher said...


You said,

Being fairly new at this political game, I had no idea what Corsi would be up against concerning the the underhanded backroom deals that the Republican Party calls a fair process. But Corsi knew. He told me months ahead of the conventions exactly how they would turn out. He predicted Gooch and Sipprelle would get the nods. Mr. Corsi seems to have a much better handle on the reality of NJ GOP shenanigans than you do Art.

Like you said, you're fairly new to the process. There is a lot not to like about it.

While you were doing other things, I've been working to impact the process, especially on the local and state levels. Ask the two previous Monmouth County Chairmen if I'm making a difference.

I have a great deal of respect and admiration for the Tea Party movement and what it has accomplished nationally. I'm not so impressed with what I see so far in New Jersey.

I've witness two friends of mine, candidates for Congress, spend hours and hours talking and talking to Tea Party groups, but have yet to see the groups deliver a meaningful impact. I hope that changes, but so far I haven't seen any meaningful results or resources.

If David attended the Middlesex County convention but did not address the crowd, as you say, I've learned two things about him, 1) he is foolish, and 2) he lied to me in the interview instead of being confused.

You folks are setting yourselves up to lose and be angry rather than win in a process that is very winnable. Raise the money and deliver the votes. Stop whining about the process.

I don't think I'm important. I just write my opinions here and report on things I'm interested in. People seem to like it.

Your rant about me, now that your guy's interview didn't go as well as you wanted it to go, reminds me of a conversation I had with Scott Sipprelle after he won the county lines. He called and scolded me for how I covered the race between him and Mike Halfacre and said I had ruined my credibility.

I told him that if that was the case, he wouldn't have called me.

He called again yesterday and we're meeting next week. Hopefully I don't scare him off in the meantime.

dwight said...

I have too much to do to be going back and forth with you.

But from your response it appears to me that:
1. You think all this is about you. (It is not)
2. You are careless and biased in your approach.
3. Dave did not lie to you. That is an insult and shows your defensive posture. You were not savvy enough to understand what Dave said about the convention.
4. How convenient for you that the link I sent you did not connect. You might be interested in knowing that I sent it to about 40 people. It worked fine for them. Of course it wouldn't cost them $2,400.
5. Your anonymous blogger, backing your opinion that Corsi is not ready for the Congress was quite timely for you. It is true he is not a polished orator or BS artist. But Dave will not go to Congress to look good or make friends. Mr. Corsi has run a business, is a student of history, understands economics and has been involved in politics most of his life. Ask your Anonymous blogger (I suspect you and he are one in the same) to take the time to compare Mr. Corsi with any of the incompetent fools in Congress and the White House. Enough said.
6. You complete your defense of your sloppy, lazy unprofessional interview with an equally unprofessional and uninformed snipe at the NJ Tea Parties. That was so classy. Time will tell just how poorly NJ Tea Parties are performing. One thing is certain, even though they are hardworking individuals breaking free of the apathy of the past, their incompetence pales to to that of the interview you did with Mr. Corsi.

Finally, you had the opportunity to revisit your interview and take an honest look at not only Mr. Corsi, but how you performed. Instead, you took hours to respond and post my blog, you were less than honest about being able to connect to the link I sent you, then wasted your reader's time by talking about yourself.

As I send this response to you and to the more than 600 real Americans in my list of Patriots, I will not ask them to avoid the Musings. I suspect I won't have to.

This is the last response I intend to send and will be the last time I visit your site.
Please remove me from your email list. I am no longer interested.

Dwight Kehoe
Little Silver, NJ

Brian said...

Mr. Galleger..your assesment of Dave Corsi is predictable. As you where tooting your own horn about your little blog.."which I never heard of till now" I coulden't help but start thinking about guys like Sam Tompson and the rest of the rep. party elites...and how a candidate like Dave would not fit into your little insiders club.The rank and file rep. are sick and tired of the GOP supporting insiders and money candidates over substance and candidates whom will not play the insiders game of political ball.We want to clean house.That means electing guys like Dave Corsi and Anna Little and other TEA PARTY CANDIDATES. see they are beholden to the constitution and their faith in God and their duty to serve their constituants,and not beholden to the GOP machine,special interests like a Sipprelle or Gooch. You are a very little man,whom has a misplaced idea of self importance..It is this kind of arrogance and your condesending attitude which is sending more and more people to groups like the TEA PARTY'S . We are sick of the statis quo and people like you who try to tear down good men. good day sir and as for your little blog if it is indeed read by senators and congressmen and all these self important indeviduals then let me say this....WE ARE COMING FOR YOU AND YOUR JOBS...WE WILL PURGE THE SYSTEM OF PROGRESSIVES IN THE GOP AND EVERY WHERE ELSE. AND AS FOR YOU CORUPT PARTY ELITES...WATCH YOUR BACKS..WE ARE COMING FOR YOU TOO.

Anonymous said...

I will say this about Dave Corsi. he can not win the primary.
here is why. he would need at least some support from the usual republican primary voter. He will not get that (Anna will)

Without that Tea party Support is not enough.

He may be the more conservative candidate. (I don't know) but that is irrelevant if he can not win the primary.

Gene Baldassari said...

Hello Art,

As I stated, I do not think that there is any relevance to the General Motors discussion that has evolved. However, for the record, prior to the Obama Motors takeover, it was widely discussed on business TV and Radio that GM was profitable overseas but not in the US. I have listed the LA Times article link, again, below, and also sent it you via email.

Art Gallagher said...


Thank you for emailing me the link to the Seattle Times story.

While I understand and appreciate your support of David, the article does not back up the claims he made in his interview. In fact, just the opposite is true, if the article is accurate.

David argued that GM was profitable overseas and that they would not repatriate those overseas profits because of the US tax code.

The chairman of GM at the time the article was written was quoted in the story as follows:

"Those overseas businesses over the last several years almost uniformly have been quite profitable, and they have, in almost every case, been able to send dividends back to help us address funding issues in the U.S.," GM CEO Rick Wagoner told a House committee Friday.

Sorry, no check from me to David's campaign.

David may well have a good point to make about the US tax code, but he didn't make it and his facts were terribly inaccurate. I didn't bring up GM, he did.

A candidate for congress needs to be better prepared.

Anonymous said...

Art why do you think the blog is so influential in Monmouth County politics? its not even influential in Republican Bayshore politics letalone the party or the county.

The two big primaries, you couldn't get halfacre through and the likely GOP nominee siprelle won't even look at you and Anna's going to get crushed and Gooch doesen't even know who you are.

You have a nice and probably large group of readers who come to the site, most of them Republicans, most of them involved in politics but all of them people who already know who they are voting for.

I'm trying to understand why you think you or your blog has any influence whatsoever.

You used to rail against Scott demanding money or access you got neither now you'll be kissing his ass as he beats Rush Holt with or without you.

With all due respect, and i think you're a good guy and generally a good Republican who believes in the same conservative ideas that I do, but please get over yourself.

I'll be curious to see if you actually post this comment or if it hurts your ego.

Art Gallagher said...

Art why do you think the blog is so influential in Monmouth County politics? its not even influential in Republican Bayshore politics letalone the party or the county.

Please point out where I said it was influential?

I'm pretty sure I said that in the big picture it is not a big deal, but that in Monmouth and to a lesser extent statewide that candidates, office holders and others seek it out to get their word out.

I'll leave it to others to decide if the blog has any influence. Some think it does, others think it doesn't.

Art Gallagher said...

Maybe I'm being to cute...

In addition to being sited in the local news outlets like the app, star ledger, politickernj,101.5, inthelobby and others I've forgotten, this blog has been quoted by drudge, foxnews.

I get folks are upset with me because David blew it. I had two basic questions for him....why does he want to be a congressman and why is he a better choice than Scott Sipprelle. He had a hard time with each of those very basic questions.

The convention question was a follow up to his answer about why he was better than Sipprelle... his answer was not about Sipprelle but about the party. The GM question was also a follow up to the question about Sipprelle. He brought it up.

If you don't like my analysis of the interview or how I framed it, write your own. I stand by mine.

James Hogan said...

For the record, I expected to see Corsi at Shore Shot on Saturday as was announced. To the best of my knowledge, he was not there. If he was, I was not aware that he was there which says something important to me.

With that said, hey Gene, glad to see you're still reading Art's blog...

Art is correct about the NJ Tea Party groups. IMO, the same small group of Ron Paul supporters turned "Tea Partiers" do *sometimes* work hard and do *sometimes* make a lot of noise on *some* important issues and do have *some* valid points, but when it comes time to work to get real votes, the support just isn't there. I relied on this same general group of people when they were Ron Paul people, and I had *maybe* a half dozen of said people actually do something to help my efforts, the others picked one of N number of my positions on an issue and decided that was enough to not bother trying to help my efforts, others simply stated they would help, but never came through. No worries, I don't hold a grudge and believe that I'm still doing the right thing and doing my part locally. I'm also sure that after primary day I'll be disappointed, as will the NJ Tea Party Groups, with the results, the GOP backed candidates in NJ will be on their way to November elections, and the same noise makers will scratch their heads and wonder how their group of 6("00") can't compete with the 6,000 voters who will come out on the 8th... or even the 600 (I'd have to guess more, only Art will know the real number) who read this blog.

To demonstrate the BS and over-exaggeration of the NJ Tea Party Group. Let us choose 2nd Ammendment example. Not one (1), or two (2) but *THREE* (3) "Tea Party candidates" announce they'll be at the shooting range. Now being a big 2A guy, I show up. I ask/beg about 20 other friends/2A buddies to show up, just to be counted, and the total number who make it? Zero(0). So why should Anna Little take the (unpopular in NJ) position to support 2A rights for the half dozen people who actually showed up to be counted? Suppose your "600" "patriots" were to show, now there is something worth talking about or supporting... Zero (0) people? Give me a break... Anna should be preaching the gun ban philosophy to get some votes - I bet more than 6 people would show up to a rally against guns in Asbury Park after some thug shoots someone's mother.

One thing I've learned for sure since I ran for office two years ago is that to say that politicians are dishonest is only telling a half-truth, voters, excuse me "patriots", are quite dishonest as well.

Gene Baldassari said...

Hello James,

I’ve tried to find at least fifteen minutes per day to skim various blogs. But, since I am so passionate about the elections and angry with the turncoat Republican establishment, I had to spend a little time on this blog article to vent.

I am supporting Alan Bateman (4th), Anna Little (6th), and Dave Corsi (12th). The Republican leadership has rejected them all, just as they rejected you a few years ago. These three candidates are all the types who must win. That is the only way that we can reverse the damage that has been caused by the current “leadership”.

I agree with you about the Tea Parties and other alternative groups. As you implied, these types of movements are usually more of a debating club nature rather than true activists. And you are right about the slim odds of the Primary challengers that I mentioned earlier.

But they do have a chance.

I’ve attended some of the Tea Party meetings and I see a passion for a political change that I have not seen in the past forty years in Central Jersey. I am hoping that the electorate might pick up on this positive emotion and decide to give Bateman, Little, and/or Corsi a shot.

When you ran (and many others before you), there were only a handful of helpers who would actually walk the talk. Non-establishment candidates are usually lonely. So, when I attended a Tea Party meeting and saw sixty people talking about covering the bleachers in a football game, I became hopeful that this time it will be different.

Regardless of the results this year, look for the Tea Parties to pick up effectiveness as we get closer to the big Tea Party that will occur in 2012. That will be the year when the founder of the Tea Party movement will run for President. And you will, again have a chance to use your creativity to find good places to install signs.


Charles said...

On the GM being profitable overseas issue. I just wanted to comment on the quote that you took from the article. 

"Those overseas businesses over the last several years almost uniformly have been quite profitable, and they have, in almost every case, been able to send dividends back to help us address funding issues in the U.S.," GM CEO Rick Wagoner told a House committee Friday.

I would like to focus on the very key and important word in this quote, and that word is: dividends.

 A dividend is something that is paid to a shareholder that owns stock in a company. Do not take my word for it here is's definition. "A pro-rata share in an amount to be distributed. A sum of money paid to shareholders of a corporation out of earnings."

What Rick Wagoner was saying in summary is that GM controls goes overseas companies by being the key shareholders in those companies and GM get reimbursed through the stock dividend. Which is part and a very small part of a company's profit. 

Gene Baldassari said...


One final comment on article from me:

The issue of overseas income tax accounting is a complex one. There are all sorts of shenanigans going on, whereas the international corporations constantly strive to manipulate the appearance of profit allocation.

The income tax issue is extremely difficult and time consuming to understand and harder to explain.

I agree that Dave did not do a good job of explaining his GM example. As I've said, I do not know why he used it and I have not been in touch with him about it (although I will try to reach him on Wednesday).

But, there are two key points that he did make clear to me in the video's:

1. We must eliminate the income tax because it is so complicated that only high paid professionals are willing to take the time to understand and manipulate it.

2. Income Taxes have destroyed the American economy.

Although Dave might not have explained the tax problem clearly, Sipprelle and Holt have not even tried to address the issue of why they support such a tyrannical tax.

There are over thirty million dollars of consumer supported studies over the past twently five years that show that a simple, proven NRST system can eliminate the pain and suffering of the income tax.

Corsi, Little,and Bateman all support the elimination of the income tax.

In Indiana, all nine Republican candidates who will be running in the General Election support the elimination of the income tax. And 67 Congressman have already co-sponsored H.R. 25, which would eliminate the income tax.

Why do Sipprelle and Holt support the violence that the IRS finds necessary to harass Americans? This is a real concern for me (and probably also for Dave, Anna, and Alan).

None of the Republican or Democratic establishment candidates in the 4th, 6th, or 12th tries to explain credit default swaps or debt money.

Sipprelle, Holt, Gooch, Pallone, and Smith are out of touch with the real economic solutions and freedom issues that are needed to fix America.

Anonymous said...

For those of you jumping to Dave's defense and atacking Art, my hope is that you're doing it just because you like Dave and feel some loyalty to him. Dave is a nice guy after all, and he has some good views.

But did you actually listen to Art's interview and Dave's responses? Dave was unfortunately incoherent on a number of issues, the GM Q&A just the most obvious example. He was wrong on the owenrship of GM's foreign operations, he was wrong on the tax issue related to those foreign operations, and he was wrong on the issue of GM's consolidated profitability. And this was his example.

I just don't get your enthusiasm for Dave's candidacy when he has absolutely not credible shot of winning the primary, let alone defeating Holt. And i don't understand why you are so nasty when it comes to legitimate crticism of Dave's statements and qualifications.

Sipprelle is a much better candidate than Dave and has the only real shot a defeating Holt in November. Sipprelle is a real conservative, has much better qualifications and grasp of the issues than Dave, and has the financial resources to wage a strong campaign.

Why don't you guys get on board with the Sipprelle campaign? Dave's a good guy but we want to win in November don't we?

"All together, now!" said...

this is all very interesting, and, again, (however reknown!),a great place for folks to exchange ideas, so again, thanks, Art.. to all the "Teas," and newbies, and oldsters, and malcontents, intellectuals, frustrated politicians,and just plain broke and tired taxpayers: let's cut to the chase, here: we are 15 days out: do we really want to shake up establishments: DC, NJ, GOP regular org's, followers and parrots, or what??.. if so, please, everyone, pick ONE of the above, wherever you're from, to back:(I mean real grassroots: calls, signs, door-to-door drops, etc..).. many from NJ helped and are helping conservatives and "Teas" in other states,some succesfully, some not..: here,let's all unite now, with just 15 days left, and pick ONE: the most well-known, battle-tested, and prepared, from among the Daves, Alans and Annas.. it has to be Anna,D.6!.. if ANYone of these nice folks, with all their good points, is to realistically make an inroad THIS June, it has to be Anna, this time.. please, go on Anna's site, send in a few bucks, and let's suspend all "Tea"/Conserv./ off-line primary campaigns now, except for Anna's in NJ, and make this one happen!..think of the impact!.. then, go for another, then another, until the establishments all finally realize and respect what we are really ALL in agreement in saying: the same-old, same-old, in both parties,has gotten us into this mess, and only a big, different win can help start to get us back on-track, if the country's ever going to be saved.. so, no more writing and talking, let's all get into ACTION!..go, Anna!

Roger said...

Anyone can get up there a make a couple of good points. Corsi seems like a good guy, but he is off his rocker. I just googled him to read up on his policies and this site came up. Who the hell is Art Gallagher? He sounds like a real jerk off.