Tuesday, May 25, 2010


“A Strong America Means A Secure America”

Red Bank, NJ: Diane Gooch has successfully televised her message of smaller government and lower taxes to cable news networks throughout the district. Now the Monmouth County Republican Vice Chair and business owner is taking to the airwaves as she broadcasts her message on the Breeze and other local radio stations.

In the ad, Gooch opines that “I am a small business owner who believes that the future of the American Dream is at risk. I believe that growth and prosperity come from the private sector, not from government programs and out-of-control spending. And I believe that a strong America means a secure America.”

When it comes to job creation, Gooch understands what it takes. The company that she helped to start now employs 1700 people. By focusing on less spending, lower taxes and private sector jobs, Gooch identifies herself as the one candidate in the 6th District who can retire Frank Pallone.

The 6th Congressional district includes parts of Middlesex, Monmouth, Somerset and Union counties.


Anonymous said...

You have got to be kidding. Or perhaps we're at Gunnison Beach?

Michael said...

"I am a small business owner" - First of all, she's NOT a small business owner, her business has over 1000 employees.

"I believe that a strong America means a secure America” - Second, strong does not necessarily mean secure. we are already a strong nation (the strongest in military power), and yet still vulnerable to attacks like 9/11 and the Fort Hood Massacre. If the leadership doesn't have the balls to retaliate when attacked, what good is strength?

"By focusing on less spending, lower taxes and private sector jobs" - Third, What does she know of less spending? She's a millionairess who made money (with her husband) on wall street. She is self funding her campaign, paying for everything instead of meeting with the people and fielding true volunteers.

Anna Little on the other hand, knows how to effectively run a government - she is a former Monmouth Freeholder, and is the Current Mayor of Highlands, NJ.

She has shown (by her record) that she knows how to reduce spending and cut taxes. And her campaign is an example of reduced spending - she meets with the people, listens to them, and allows them to be involved with the campaign as much/little as they want, spending only what is absolutely necessary - and she has radio stations coming and asking her for interviews.

Charles said...

I would like to comment on the last part of the post where Diane states that she feels she's the best candidate to beat Frank Pallone.

The argument is normally made that Diane has more money to spend then Anna does. That is true. However Diana's money is nothing compared to Franky boys money and the money that he can easily raise. Last time I checked he had $4 million in the bank and in the last election he raise between $2 and $3 million. His opponent only raise just above $12,000. If Frank has someone running against him with some money he could easily raise over $4 million for his campaign and outspend Diane easily.

Secondly Diane cannot effectively communicate and express her ideas. If she was in a debate with Frank he would eat her alive. She won't even debate Anna.
Anna can much more efficiently communicate and articulate her ideas and she could easily win in any debate or argument with Franky boy.

Lastly I would like to say this (warning this is going to get the local party leaders very angry and upset) the argument is used that Diane has the backing of the local parties and has the party line. That is true but now let me say this. Does it even matter that she has the party line? It would be one thing if the party picked winning candidates, but Franky boy has been in office for over 20 years so obviously the local parties are not picking the best candidates. So for me it doesn't matter if she has the party line, they don't pick good candidate.

Michael said...

@Charles - HEAR HEAR!!!!!

Anonymous said...

So Michael and Charles, what chance does Little have with her rag tag band and less than 20k, of beating Pallones millions.

At least Gooch can go dollar for dollar with Pallone-

Pallone will spend 500k or whatever it takes- telling the voters that Little represents illegal immigrants and wants offshore drilling in New Jeresy- just like in the Gulf of Mexico- and Little will go down in flames.

However we don't have to worry about that, becuase she will go down in flames on June 8th

Here's the real message said...

for far too long, incumbents like Frank, because of the lobbyists and tons of out of state cash, just slid back in, on their slimy connections, and not much work.. it's obvious what all are saying, the party backed Diane because she has hubby's dollars to piss away for fun,but, most realists know that, unless Mickey's really serious about Diane actually wining, Frank will spend down nearly limitlessly, from what he had hoped would be his US Senate kitty, when "the Laut" kicks the bucket.. that being said, with that much senioity, and being the author of the horrendous healthcare debacle, my guess is, Frank'll get what he needs,from all sources, to save himself, for that leftist-lib vote, both now and later on..is very true he'd much rather that scenario with Diane, who is a totally-weak and clueless opponent, than again, the grassroots Anna, who's got nothing but smarts, experience, and the "moxie" to push herself forward and give Frank a hell of a ride!!..enough with the playing at a serious game, folks: vote for Anna, and watch Frank crumble and cry!

Help her, and us, now said...

just saw Diane's latest tv ad: oh, guys, stop now, please..it's just not right what you are doing to the woman.. enlighten us,what is with the "man-clothes", anyway?..and, she may be trying to show making fun of Frank, but it is she who's coming off as laughable..advice: keep the stuff with Frank next to and voting with Pelosi: that is the only shot at dumping Frank, this year.. but, let Diane speak in the background, or, maybe her kids for her, or something..this one's NOT worth the good money after bad which was thrown!!

Anonymous said...

Have you seen Little's ads??!!!!!

Oh- there aren't any

Anonymous said...

"Have you seen Little's ads??!!!!!
Oh- there aren't any.

WOR 710 morning drive during Gambling/Beck doesn't count, I guess.

Anonymous said...

Oh I didn't realize WOR was tv station-

Michael said...

From what I hear, with several more stations to come in the very near future!

Anonymous said...

I would agree that money is usually an important factor in the average election cycle.

What many people are missing is that this is not bthe average election cycle. If anything large sums of money collected from (people like Mickey Gooch) special interests and lobbyists will be an albatross around Pallones neck.

This time out Grass roots is where its at.

If Anna wins the primary there is nodoubt she will be able to raise the 100 grand she needs to get her message out and she will not have Fat cat money or sredit derivative money dragging her down.

Touchy, touchy? said...

3:50: well, 'natch,thanks to you money-grubbers,but, hey, at the least, we'll see if all that was necessary.. at the very least, it's a learning- curve for the rich and "I-now-want-to-be famous"!!!