Thursday, May 27, 2010

Little Government Is Good Government

Steve Lonegan endorses Mayor Anna Little for the GOP nomination in CD-6:

I am happy to announce my enthusiastic support for Highlands Mayor, Anna Little, as the Republican "Tea-Party Approved" Nominee in New Jersey’s 6th Congressional District. Earlier this year, Anna overwhelmingly won the straw poll at the Americans for Prosperity and the Political Club for Growth Candidate’s Forum. Mayor Anna Little knows how to lead and govern with an eye toward fiscal responsibility. As Mayor, she has reduced the Highlands budget by 5% and implemented an economic growth vision for her hometown.

From 2006-2008, Anna Little served as a Monmouth County Freeholder and brought her vision of responsible government to the county by establishing the Continuous Budget Review Committee and hosting an Economic Development Summit. Anna is a gifted communicator who will go to Congress as a stateswoman, not a politician, and who will work for the right kind of change in government.

Mayor Little’s common sense approach to government has earned her endorsements from the Conservative Party of New Jersey and several local and regional Tea Party groups including: Independence Hall Tea Party PAC, Middlesex County Tea Party, Bay Shore Tea Party, Jersey Shore Tea Party Patriots and NJ Tea Party. Anna shares my commitment to common sense solutions for strong national defense, real border security, less government control, domestic energy solutions, lower tax rates and greater individual liberty. That is why I am proud to endorse Mayor Anna Little for Congress in NJ’s 6th district.

I encourage all Republicans from New Jersey’s 6th District to vote for Mayor Anna Little in the primary on June 8th as she is the only Republican qualified to represent the 6th District. Aside from her experience, intelligence and independence, she is also the only Republican candidate who actually lives in the 6th district. It is time to retire Frank Pallone; a healthy dose of New Jersey conservatism and common sense in the form of Mayor Little is just the right medicine. Our Country, (and Congress), will benefit greatly from the spirit, passion and unabashed conservatism that Anna brings to the political arena.

Please join me on June 1st in supporting Mayor Anna Little at the Shore Casino in the Atlantic Highlands from 6:30 to 9:00. Purchase tickets by emailing the campaign at ($60 in advance and $70 at the door) If you are not able to attend on June 1st, I encourage you to visit her website at and donate.

It’s in the name: Little Government is Good Government.
On to Victory,

Steve Lonegan


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Please allow me to robotically recite the Anna Little script: Gosh, this Lonegan endorsement is the most important proof yet of the Little juggernaut! It doesn't matter that Lonegan lost Monmouth in last year's primary by a huge margin, and it doesn't matter that she just posted her updated FEC filing and shows even less Cash On Hand than she had in March, it doesn't matter that she's unpopular in her own hometown. All of it proves that Anna is going to beat Gooch 90-10 and the eleven readers of this blog will be proven geniuses.

Anonymous said...

@Thursday, May 27, 2010 2:00:00 PM

Thanks for proving my point dummy.

Now let me do the same for the Gooch worshipers:


That is all.

Anonymous said...

Nah it will not be 90-10 either way it goes it will be close.

here is why Lthe Lonegan endorsement is helpful an email list that includes THOUSANDS of voters in the 6th district.

Every little bit helps

It's all good,sort of said...

hey, there are still lots of folks not too embarassed to keep their "Dump Corzine, Elect Lonegan" stickers on their cars.. any endorsement from people who have shown leadership is welcome to any candidiate: isn't Diane bragging about all the " elected locals" on her endorsement list,too?..I think the Right to Life one is more impressive, those are primary voters, and with these new Diane- with- the- clicker (why?) tv commercials being cranked out, at great expense, I think Diane's handlers get that, too! doubt, it's likely Diane buys the nomination.. but, it's the weeks between June and Nov., with Frank's goons and money, on Diane's case and in her face,which she is totally unprepared for, that scares the hell out of me!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone remember all of the drama Anna caused as Freeholder--always crisis central. Short memories. Now she's the answer for the GOP congressional fight..I think we need to find new people -- not these recycled career politicians..

Anonymous said...

Does anyone remember all of the drama Anna caused as Freeholder--always crisis central. Short memories. Now she's the answer for the GOP congressional fight..I think we need to find new people -- not these recycled career politicians..

Highlands Guy said...

... it doesn't matter that she's unpopular in her own hometown....

Huh??? I live in Highlands, what are you talking about. Even the Dems love her here. She has consistently cut the budget.

Anonymous said...

"with Frank's goons and money, on Diane's case and in her face,which she is totally unprepared for, that scares the hell out of me!"

If I've said it once I've said it a thousand times...Diane is in the race to lose to Frank, on purpose. She is not a serious candidacy. How could she possibly be? How many candidates do you know that challenge an incumbent to whom they've donated over $6000 dollars and donated the maximum individual amount only 14 months before a primary?

None, because there aren't any except Diane.

I don't know what it is and have no evidence except hearsay, but I'm telling you this Diane thing was cooked up by Frank and Mickey behind closed doors.

Getting annoyed now said...

agreed, anonymous last post, but the major concern is the damage she can do to the others down the ticket in Nov., in too many municipalities due to the size of that district.. it is just both selfish and stupid to throw their money around,for whatever the real reason(s), and hurt many other people this way!

Anonymous said...

Diane Gooch hasn't given a dime to Frank Pallone- and you know it-

Diane Gooch has contributed more to Republicans than all of the readers of this blog combined.

In fact all the Little supporters only raised about 7k cash since the last filing and have 2k on hand.

Little wouldn't stand a chance against Pallone- Whats 2k going to get you- another couple of nights at the Ihop at $750 for the room...

This notion of a scheme between Mickey and Frank is ludicrous-

But when your candidate can't raise barely any money you have to dream up something to put out there. Gooch raised 110k in the last 6 weeks with over 300 contributors who live in District 6

Thats approximatley 300 more CD6 contributors than Little got-

Anonymous said...

@11:00:00 AM

You wanna know who the "individual" contributors are to Diane?

Here you go smart guy:


And the list goes on and on and on and on and on...

She hasn't raised a single goddamn dollar from "ordinary" people in the 6th District. They're all giving their hard earned money to Anna because they know that Diane will represent Mickey and his interests only.


You're a liar, plain and simple. Mickey's employees at GFI are funding Diane as well as a loan Diane made to the campaign of $160,000...that presumably she wants paid back.

Yeh, real "for the people" of you Diane.

Her entire candidacy is a sham and everyone knows it except you who I can only assume have gotten a favor from her because nobody is that stupid or willfully blind.

Every penny Anna raises goes right back out the door. Diane builds up a war chest from within Mickey's company. That's it. Further, Diane herself, aside from the loan, has only given her own campaign $881.00.

Again, you're a liar and nothing more.

And if you're so stupid as to think that when Mickey gives Frank Pallone 6 grand that Diane doesn't also, then there's nothing I can do to help you because you're a lost cause.

Come back with some more lies next time stupid. I eagerly await it.

Anonymous said...

@12:33:00 AM

People adore her in Highlands you're absolutely right. This is just more lies from Joe and his minions.

It's all Diane has. She has nothing of substance so her mercenaries have to go around making shit up.

It's pathetic.

Anonymous said...

While you Little people whine about sign stealing, didya ever think that maybe signs didn't actually disappear but were taken down by local authorities because they don't follow election law? That's right, I saw one sign while stopped at an intersection and noticed that the signs do not name the campaign treasurer. You'd think a career politician who has run for office 4 times now would know simple, basic election law.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1.18

Its not lies- the filings only itemize the larger dollar contributions-

The fact is Gooch has contributions from over 300 residents of CD6- Its just a fact and you can go on and on and on as much as you like- Little raised next to nothing- plain and simple- So why don't you stop wasting everybodies time and go write a decent check to Little- which obviously you haven't done.

As for loans to campaigns- maybe Art could do you the favor of explaining that that is the same as a contribution-

Thats what every politician does. Even your fav little lady Little loaned her camapaign her own contribution to it-

Anonymous said...

Well of course Anna little can not raise a lot of money in this primary. kyrillos and bennett and kean and oxely and carton and every other fricking power broker in two counties have let it be known that gooch is their candidate. that means do not donate to Anna.
And still she has raised over 20 grand.
She proved she can raise enough money when she ran for Freeholder.
Can she raise as much as Gooch. Absolutly not but Gooch can spend every stinking dollar her husband has ever earned and she will not beat pallone.
She does not have the skills, and she is runningin the wrong district.
Anna has the skills and the popularity in the bayshore to beat pallone and she can do it with 100 grand. She can raise that no problem.

Anonymous said...

@1.18 and @7.09 The evidence does not support your claims. Little has raised approx $8,000 cash over a 5 month period and the other 12,000 is "in kind." Not "over 20k as you say." The "in kind" items are exagerated in valuation for effect. I've seen NJ Assemblymen raise more in one night

However, that aside- why would you want to alienate Gooch- Do you think you are doing your candidate a favor by doing so.

In the unlikely event that Little wins the Primary don't you think she will want support from Gooch and from the Monmouth County GOP in taking on Pallone? Don't assume that will be forthcoming if people like you alienate them.

Maybe Little will not want backing by Gooch and others- maybe that is Littles strategy- piss off Gooch and her financial supporters with acusations and calling them names.

Doesn't seem like a good strategy to me.

Anonymous said...

didya ever think that maybe signs didn't actually disappear but were taken down by local authorities because they don't follow election law?

Yeh, until the only signs that remained were Gooch signs, after which the "town took them down" story didn't hold water. Unless you're accusing local municipalities of playing politics between Little and Gooch...

Anonymous said...

"However, that aside- why would you want to alienate Gooch- Do you think you are doing your candidate a favor by doing so."

I'm sorry, is this a primary or are we playing footsie?

It's amazing how dinosaur Republicans treat the first real Republican primary in years like a love-in. We've tried "go along to get along" and, well, we are where we are today because of it.

After the Little smear campaign orchestrated by a petty little man on this blog and others, no Gooch supporter has the right to accuse anyone of playing dirty. Let's nip that one right there. I didn't see anyone from her camp jump in and defend Anna.

Facts are facts and I think that's what's driving the Gooch clan nuts. Listen, it's difficult to rationalize making thousands of dollars in donations to your potential opponent within a year of announcing a candidacy against him.

You wanna discuss issues? Let's go. What do you want to talk about first...

I've heard Diane speak on a bunch of occasions and she has literally yet to say anything even remotely thought out. Every speech is one long bumper sticker...with less wit. I'm sure she's a great person, but we are seriously lowering the bar if we consider her a candidate worthy of the United States House of Representatives.

This is a serious question:

Does anyone out there actually believe that Diane Gooch understands the issues this Country faces better than Anna Little?

Show of hands...

If the answer to that question is "no", then you have to be performing some insane mental gymnastics to believe she can beat Pallone solely because she's got a lot of money.

People, by any metric you measure this race Anna Little is the better candidate.

How 'bout for once we pick the right person instead of having her chosen for us.

Conservative Guy said...

I have watched the videos of both candidates. In the fall, I will support whoever wins, but I am voting for Anna Little. Ms Little is resonating better with my views on the "issues". Ms. Gooch is an interesting story, but she comes across like an amateur when speaking. I don't know, but it does not seem to me that she really believes what she is saying, she is just reading it.

Although Ms. Gooch's personal story is compelling, it will not be enough to get rid of Pallone. Ms. Gooch should try for mayor or some other local office until she hones her public speaking skills.

In the fall the Republicans had better start referring to Pallone as the architect of OBAMA CARE. They need to really highlight and link him with all of Obama's damaging policies. He will be busy pulling his usual stunts on how he helps the environment etc.

I am not a regular reader of this blog. I am just a rank and file Republican. I would not count Ms. Little out, because although Ms. Gooch has money. Ms. Little has the better message and delivers it more effectively.

One other observation, when you drive around you can clearly see the red Little signs. Gooch's signs are much too busy, her campaign needs to get rid of whoever is responsible for ordering them.

Anonymous said...

"Ms. Little has the better message and delivers it more effectively."

I have to agree - I have attended many of the weekly campaign meetings for Anna Little - weekly there is at a minimum of 50 people - different each week. All excited about the prospect of Anna Little being the candidate! The message is clear - the signs are clear and the winner will be clear on Tuesday June 8th if we get the voteres out!!
Don't sell Anna Little short (no pun intended) she is a person who will surprise you!!
Use your heads on election day and support the person with the message not the person with big dollar signs$$$$$$

Anonymous said...

Lonegan support, no way will I vote for her now.

Anonymous said...

"Lonegan support, no way will I vote for her now."

And a Goombie reveals his inner liberal. Finally.

I'm soooo not surprised.