Tuesday, May 04, 2010

MTEA To Scharfenberger: No Wage Freeze, Christie's A Liar

Middletown Mayor Gerry Scharfenberger finally got a response from the Middletown Township Education Association to his request that they accept a wage freeze in order to save $3,000,000 and avoid layoffs and cuts in programs. Yesterday Scharfenberger issued a statement decrying the fact that they had not responded to him by April 30th, as he had requested.

A copy of the union's typo riddled response has been obtained by MoreMonmouthMusings and can be viewed here with some of the typos marked. (Yes, I know, this blog is often ritalined wit tipos, you don't have to tell me that in the comments)

The union's message: Governor Christie is a liar and Scharfenberger should call him up and get the funding back. Their message is sounds quite a bit like that of NJEA President Barbara Keshishian's Perry Mason imitation in Sunday's Star Ledger.

Imagine that. MTEA President Linda Guyer should have asked Tom Moran to edit her letter.


Anonymous said...

$4,000,000 sounds like a fair reduction to a bloated budget.

Anonymous said...

They all need to get real and listen to Gov. Christie; or go bankrupt. What portion of "NO" Tax hikes do they not comprehend???
The head of NJEA is pathetic and quite dumb to put it nicely, Or just plain corrupt like I originally thought!
dumb or corrupt??? BOTH!

Anonymous said...

That letter from the President of the MTEA is an embarrassment. Obviously she is not an English teacher.

When will these teachers learn? I am so tired of hearing them complain about no salary increases. Welcome to the real/corporate world where most of us have had freezes for several years.

Russell said...

Sharfy endorsed Gooch. Enough said.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't look like the budget is bloated at all. The Mayor acknowledged "little wiggle room"
Looks like the BOE is vindicated.

Anonymous said...

This article is about the teacher's union, not the BOE. The unions may have us over a barrel with their contracts, but we can gain some measure of revenge by voting against all of their candidates. The fact that they can dump so much money into political campaigns is outrageous.