Wednesday, May 26, 2010

NJ Right To Life Endorses Little in CD-6

Marco Rubio and Anna Little

The New Jersey Right to Life PAC has endorsed Highlands Mayor Anna Little for the GOP nomination in CD-6.

"We're thrilled to have a candidate like Anna Little that we can support," said Marie Tasy, Executive Director, "Anna is the right candidate at the right time."

Appropriately, Little got the news from Tasy this afternoon while she was visiting a toddler whose mother she had convinced against having an abortion and who the Little family supported for the first few months of the child's life.

"I am thrilled, honored and proud to have the NJ Right to Life endorsement," Little said, "Marie's phone call was the most satisfying moment of this campaign so far. There is a lot going right for us."

In addition to Little, the NJ Right to Life PAC has endorsed incumbent Congressmen Chris Smith (CD-4), Scott Garret (CD-5) and challenger David Corsi (CD-12).


Anonymous said...

That might be the first endorsement in this entire race that actually means something.

Chalk another one up for Anna.

Anonymous said...

Gooch is in trouble - last night's reception at Jacques Caterers in Middletown was very poorly attended.

Mark said...

Ms. Gooch is not generating much excitement. She is not energizing the base. Of course, since she has the number one line on the ballot and unlimited funds so she cannot be taken lightly. She does, however, have to buy any support she can muster.
Little, on the other hand has a groundswell of enthusiastic supporters out campaigning, unpaid. It boils down to the wealthy cavalier mercenaries vs. the motivated grassroots folks, including Tea Party groups. Election night will tell us all something, I can't wait.

Anonymous said...

SUPER!..keep it going.. target the right voters, get 'em out..

Anonymous said...

Gooch has as many volunteers, unpaid obviously, if not more than Little- You just don't want to believe it, so becuase your candidate is behind you come on this blog spewing your garbage about them being bought- has it occured to you that maybe Gooch is the better candidate? Of course when Gooch wins on June 8th- you will be sure to spew more about how the vote doesn't represent the people blah blah-

That is what losers like you do. Mark failed to get 100 petitions to get on the ballot against Frank Pallone in the primary so now his ego brings over here to the Republican side-

And we've all heard the blathering about a 3rd party campaign by Mark when Little loses.

Frankly Little is a far better candidate than Mark. But Gooch beats both- handily

Anonymous said...

How on God's green earth is a billionaire housewife with an associates degree in computer science and no relevant experience whatsoever a better candidate than a 3-time election winner, Freeholder and Mayor who has proven she can cut a budget?

Do you realize how stupid that sounds? Line up the endorsements for each.

Gooch: a dozen useless local GOP committees whose members are voting for Anna anyway. That's a fact.

Little: a dozen citizens' groups, the Conservative Party of NJ, NJ Right to Life and now Steve Lonegan, who has at least 6000 followers in the 6th District alone (upwards of 80k nationally).

Are you insane Joe? I think you should seek help.

Only in the most warped, idiotic mind is that the case.

Oh and check your facts, I believe Mark fell short of the 200 necessary by something like 15 signatures.

Gooch supporters: petty sign thieves and liars.

Great combo. You represent your candidate well.

Anonymous said...

Dear 3.07

Freeholder, Mayor and election winner doesn't automatically make the best candidate. The incumbent has been an elected official for 22years- thats why we want him out.

Clearly little can't raise money- so thats a strike against as a candidate.

Elected officials endorse Gooch so you throw out something that can't be substantiated- that they are goig to secretly vote for Little.

Of course they won't- You will say they have told you that- but you will never get anyone to back it up- its a total load of horse crap.

Keepin' it real said... hope!!.. none of them wants to be on the "wrong side," if/when THEY need her check, so, stop!.. the very least you Goochies need to do is, from that comfortable, monied, "cat-bird seat", have the intellectual honesty and integrity to admit that, if this was another well-meaning McLeod or Bellew, with NO bucks, that any of us would be conversing/arguing about our next "lucky" nominee for CD 6!!..

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:07, it's pretty disgusting that you are actually sitting here insulting Diane for having an Associate's Degree. Back in the 1980's, when Diane was college-aged, a great deal less people even bothered to pursue education beyond high school than do now. Beyond that fact, Diane worked to pay her own way through school. As somebody who worked several jobs while in college, I have immeasurable respect for anybody who takes on that challenge, it's certainly not easy. I didn't get to do worldly things like travel to study overseas or learn several languages - I had bills. How dare you, or anybody, sit here and insult the intelligence of a hard-working woman who is trying to make a difference, simply because they didn't have the luxury of being able pursue advanced levels of education in anticipation of the fact that she might one day want to run for office and have to flash a $50,000 piece of paper to impress the likes of you.

Anonymous said...

"Gooch has as many volunteers, unpaid obviously, if not more than Little- You just don't want to believe it"

I know for a fact that's not true, I've seen the pictures of her meetings.

Anna draws 50+ to every single meeting while Diane has trouble attracting a dozen. And I also know that Diane has hired (i.e., paid) several firms and individuals to do her bidding. There isn't a single paid individual or firm working for Anna.

Your lies are as transparent as Diane's platform. Nice try though...liar.

Anonymous said...

Diane would do the entire ticket, organization, and herself a huge favor, if she graciously had too many business pressures and work to do and left this race.. but, when egos,(very wealthy egos), and personal agendas rule the day, it's not likely to occur..too bad..

Mark said...

Anonymous squirrel, don't you dare for a second state Gooch would be a better candidate than I would be. On my worst day I would run rings around her. Have you heard her speak in public? It hurts. Have you heard me speak in public? After 10 minutes of verbal dissection I would probably ease off out of pity. She should stay 100 miles away from me if she valued her candidacy. I would gladly discuss in depth a myriad of issues. The environment, immigration, economic issues, the Constitution and particularly my strength, international affairs. For instance, did you know that before divisions of Syrian regulars marched into Lebanon in the 80's and crushed local militias, there were at least 8 seperate armies (2 Christian, 6 Muslim)with standing forces of thousands and heavy artillery? Hamas and Hezbollah weren't even in existence then. Do you know how the Druze, one of the largest groups in Lebanon are playing their political cards these days? What of the Palestinian camps and the Middle east? Nigeria? Southeast Asia? Central and south America? Europe and Turkey? Can you even find them on a map?
I have run large IT Operations dept's in NYC with large staffs. I earned that in the trenches where a Pallone or a Gooch would have ended up an assistant in the mail room. My performance and more importantly in the private sector, the results I produced led to promotions. My spouse did not own these companies so I could parachute in.
Lay down and stay away from sharp objects before you hurt yourself or even worse someone else.

Anonymous said...

OMG Mark- What an ego!!!! Please do us all a favor and go back to the Democrats where you came from

Anonymous said...

For those Gooch zombies out there, please explain to me why 49 of Diane's 61 individual donors are either Mickey's employees at GFI and their spouses or his cronies on Wall Street?

Anyone who says Diane is raising money from "main street" is lying. She's raised next to nothing from voters in the 6th District because most of them understand that she's in this for Mickey's interests and not them. In fact, every single one of her fatcat donors live either in the 12th where Diane lives or the city.

Facts don't lie. Gooch supporters do.


Anonymous said...

To Anon 2.02

Your not wrong that Gooch has raised a lot of money from people the Gooches know- duh-

However at the same time over 300 people who reside in CD6 have contributed to Gooch. Thats more than have contributed to Little from CD6- simple fact- not a lie.

So instead of bleating here about how obviously Gooch can raise maney and lots of it and has barely scrapped the surface- why don't you go write Little a check. Thats what she really needs

$ talks, but so can voters said...

more than checks, one just needs votes,that day.... sometimes, (if rarely), money does not always rule the day ( ex:Corslime, Martha Coakley in Mass., etc)..we'll see,very soon, in liberal,overtaxed, beleaguered CD 6!

Anonymous said...

Eeven Corslime and Coakley's opponents, Christie and Brown raised a few million each.

Anonymous said...

"it's pretty disgusting that you are actually sitting here insulting Diane for having an Associate's Degree. Back in the 1980's, when Diane was college-aged, a great deal less people even bothered to pursue education beyond high school than do now"

Oh thats horse hockey.
And it was not an attck on Gooch it was a comparison of Education levels of two people of the same generation running for the same office are you saying that is not relevant at all.

Associates Degree v. Law Degree. Thats relevant to me.

Anonymous said...

Let me ask the Gooch supporters a question:

Suppose the roles were reversed and Mickey-the husband of a wealthy Wall Street interdealer who made hundreds of millions of dollars off of brokering credit default swaps while the economy tanked and then bragged about it to the WSJ while purchasing a $12 million dollar yacht and telling her husband's future constituents that she could pay off a $1 million mortgage with the change in her pocket while the people of the 6th District lost their jobs...oh and then donated a couple grand to the Representative of the party opposing that to which she claimed to belong...and who doesn't live in your district-ran for Congress against a born-and-raised 6th District Jersey Girl who has proven that she can cut budgets, get elected and stick to her beliefs no matter what the establishment tells her.

Would you vote for Mickey Gooch?

Line 1. Republican. Pull the switch.

None of you are worthy of citizenship.

There...I said it.