Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Schneider Crushes Unger In Long Branch

Incumbent Mayor Adam Schneider was re-elected today, defeating Councilman Brian Unger by a margin of 54% to 35%. Bob Krebs received 10% of the vote.

John Pallone, the congressman's brother, eeked out a victory to a city council seat as the low vote getter amoung the five council members chosen. Pallone had 11 votes more than Allan Menkin.

In Keansburg, incumbent council members Jim Cocuzza and Arthur Boden were easily re-elected.


James Hogan said...

I feel like we should focus on the good news here in Long Branch rather than the bad news.

The good news being that Brian Unger will no longer be a member of the city council.

Anonymous said...

Very happy to see Adam's good name and reputation was exnorated by an overwhelming victory. The sleezy campain they ran against him was dispicable. Hopefully Adam will follow through with his lawsuit. Adam has done a great job for the city! He earned and desearves another term.

Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for Long branch because so many people are blind to what is really needed... i question the leadership, i think the real deal will rear its head in a while

Another one for the books said...

what is it about these urban towns,always in various stages of "renewal", all across this state, most of whom get millions/billions of everyone else's money to run their schools, hand out local jobs to friends,etc., that makes their campaigns/elections so low and sleazy?.. it's never enough for them, they always "need,"/get more, but most of them bring out the creepiest individuals to try, usually poorly, to manage it all.. think we get our moneys' worth in like 99% of the cases?.. nope!.. makes you feel like you need a shower just after driving though them, doesn't it?.?.