Friday, June 04, 2010

BREAKING NEWS: Gooch Campaign Issues Cease and Desist Letters To Cablevison and Comcast Over Little's Ads!

In an unprecedented display of desperation the Gooch campaign has issued cease and desist letters to Cablevision and Comcast, demanding that the cable providers stop running Anna Little's ads, according to Leigh-Ann Bellow, spokesperson for the Little campaign.

So far, this blog and youtube have not received a letter.

Bellew told MoreMonmouthMusings that Diane Gooch claimed that Little's ad did not comply with FEC regulations. Comcast's attorneys determined that the ad was in compliance. The Little campaign added graphics to the video to address the complaint, just in case. The ad will continue to run through Tuesday provided Mickey doesn't buy the cable giants this afternoon.

MoreMonmouthMusings has requested a copy of the Gooch letter. We'll post it here if we get it.


The letter was written by former NJ GOP Executive Director Brain Nelson, now of the law firm Menna Supko and Nelson LLC in Shrewsbury. You may view the letter here.

The firm's offices\ is also a phone bank location for the Gooch campaign.


My account at has exceeded its daily bandwith allowance. Those who wish to download the Gooch campaign's letter to Cablevision and Comcast can comeback after midnight or grab it from Save Jersey.


Anonymous said...

I love the smell of desperation in the afternoon.

Smells like...victory.

Gretel said...

Not only are the polls with Anna but so are the people's hearts. You just can't keep a good woman down!

Monmouth Concervative said...

I hope that the Gooch campaign is not airing the Pallone Ad since, according to Brian it is out of compliance.

Hmmm... this one was done by a pro according to her FEC reports.

Gretel said...

Anna has it over Gooch in the polls and especially in the hearts and minds of the people. You just can't keep a good woman down!

Anonymous said...

Its all good...this is what people do when they are afraid....and desperate. "first they ridicule you, then they ignore you, then they they fight you, then you win" No worries.

Bayshore Bob said...

Remember every body keep running like your behind

Anonymous said...

Brian is attracted to money like a shark to blood

Monmouth Concervative said...

Sorry, that was a thumb nail, here is the full size image... notice no "Diane Gooch approves this message"

Mark said...

The pressure is just starting to mount and already Gooch is wilting like an ice cream cone on a summer day. So she called her mercenary lawyers? Who will she call next? Just the very reason we have been supporting Little all along. Ms.Gooch, please go back to the polo club or the yatch club and leave this battle to those with strength and fortitude, those who will exercise force of will, Anna Little.

Republican Operative said...

What are they thinking about?

They didn't keep the ads of the air. It was easy for Little to fix . Nobody is going to not vote for Anna because of a small technical violation.

It just makes them look petty.
If it has any impact it will cost them votes.

What the hell are they thinking. It is just an incredibly stupid move.
I have seen high school president campaigns run betyter.

Michael Illions said...

Brian Nelson is just another in a long line of sniveling little bottom feeding establishment party hacks.

Consider him the male version of Jill "The Shill" Hazelbaker.

Anonymous said...

"The pressure is just starting to mount and already Gooch is wilting like an ice cream cone on a summer day."
I like your style Mark - I agree. The GOP establishment is very very worried!! It gets better all the time. Money rolling in....calls of support... homes with big banner signs on them. It smells like people are fed up with the same old same political talk and want a candidate that understands the issues, runs a grassroots campaign and works for the people! Thank you Anna.

Anonymous said...

oh, I thought Little had no money,no support, and was no threat, and couldn't get on tv..way to keep them on their toes and scare the bejeezus out of them, ACL!..Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Brian nelson may be a hired Gun but do not underestimate him.
he is very smart and as ruthless as they come.