Wednesday, June 02, 2010


Is there a primary south of the Monmouth Mall?

Last evening, at the invitation of Joe Hadden, I attended the Ocean Township Republican Club candidates night to speak on behalf of CD-6 candidate Anna Little.

One the drive over to Ocean, you can't possibly miss all lawn signs all over Routes 35 and 36 in Middletown. Quite a few in Red Bank and along 35 in Shrewsbury, Tinton Falls and Eatontown. However, as soon as I crossed 36 by the mall, hardly a sign. The only ones I noticed at all were on the corner of West Park and 35. Two for Little and one for Gooch. There might have been another Gooch sign along the way, but they are harder to notice.

Anna couldn't attend the Ocean Township event because she had a fundraiser in Atlantic Highlands featuring Steve Lonegan. I joked to the group in Ocean that, after spending as much time with the Tea Party groups as I have over the last few weeks, that spending an evening with level headed Republicans was a welcome break.

I met Mickey Gooch for the first time in Ocean. It was a pleasure. Scott Sipprelle had given me some practice sparring with a rich guy. Mickey was easy.

After Joe's program was completed, I skipped out and headed to Atlantic Highlands, hoping there might be a few stragglers left at the Little event. As I made the right hand turn off of 1st Ave, I was surprised to see that the parking lot of the Shore Casino was still full at 9:15. Upon entering the room, I was shocked that there appeared to be about 100 people still there! Anna was in front of the room announcing how much money they had raised so far. The crowd was hootin and hollerin, rushing to the stage with checks and pledges. These were not level headed Republicans.

Suddenly Anna started singing and the room got quiet. As she finished the first, little known verse, the entire crowd was standing, hands over the hearts, singing God Bless America. These are not level headed Republicans.

I don't know what is going to happen next Tuesday in CD-6. Mickey and Diane have the only polling data that I know of and they are not sharing it publicly.

I do know this: There is an extraordinary energy, enthusiasm and infectious buzz around Anna Little. If it translates to votes, Frank Pallone will be making OPRA requests in Highlands on Wednesday.


Mark said...

The 6th CD GOP primary is indicative of the political tsunami sweeping the nation. Anna Little, the Tea Party approved and conservative GOP candidate is the surfer on this giant wave. Hopefully she will ride it into DC, washing away the contemptable and arrogant Frank Pallone while joining other Tea Party/Conservative GOP surfers in DC to save our Republic.
I had tears in my eyes when we sang God Bless America last night. It was such a pleasure to be among genuine patriotic Americans.

Anonymous said...

I feel like its Christmas and I am 6 years old.
Am I gonna gey a lump of coal or what I really want?
Can't wait for the Day


Anonymous said...

keep dreaming.

Anonymous said...

I love reading the comments on some of these blog sites about lies and which campaign has lied. Someone posts that a he received a campaign call claiming that there's only one candidate in the primary. But that "lie" cannot be proven. It's heresay.

So what's a lie? When a candidate has a money bomb Facebook page that distorts the opponents position on abortion. How do we know it was a lie? Someone posted the correct position and a day later the lie was removed.

What else is a lie? When someone posts a link to a candidate's website that shows that the candidate may have made a career out of helping illegal immigrants and her supporters vehemently deny it. Until almost a week later when that candidate admits to helping illegals.

So now I have a Fleetwood Mac tune in my head and it goes something like this, "Tell me lies, tell me sweet Little Lies."

Anonymous said...

A great event for Anna.
A dismal turnout in Ocean & Gooch was there.

Anonymous said...

3:16:00 PM

OK, Joe, nice to hear from you again.

First of all, I have received one of those "Lie" phone calls myself. So guess what, that is not a lie. I even told them I was voting for the other candidate.

I don't get what you mean by the stance on abortion, Anna is pro-life, Dianne is not. I was in middletown afew months back when she told us. I don't think there were any Lie's there.

As for the Immigration Issue, I thought we already talked about that, but lets go again. Anna helps people immigrate LEGALY under the law. Anna understands the current state of the Immigration Law and how to make it better. Nuff Said!!

I asked Dianne a question about the constitution. She couldn't answer me strait. I asked her about the economy... It sounded like a line from her speech. I asked her for more detail, she couldn't answer. I like Dianne, I just don't think she is the right candidate.

Let it go joe.

ambrosiajr said... have no right to talk about arrogance when you make statements like that. Do you really think that the tea partiers have the corner on "genuine patriotic Americans"? What a stuck up SOB.

Anonymous said...

anon 3:16:00
welcome to politics

Dont you feel dirty now

Actually Anna and Gooch have run extremly clean campaigns.

Sure there have been some shenanigans but relativly speaking

Bayshore Bob said...

I dont believe mark said they had a corner on it. he just said that the people there where Genuine patriotic Americans.
He never said other people in other places weren't.
Even though I think it is safe to assume that there are people in other places who are not genuine patriotic Americans.
And even if he was inferring that fact , which is probably true, he did not even hint at who those people might be.

SO calm down.

OH and BTW it wasn't only tea partiers there. I saw lots of regular republicans.
I bet there might even have been a democrat there but I am not suprised they did not announce it.


Mark said...

Nice try, ambrosiajr. Where did I say the Tea Parties have the market cornered on genuine American patriots? ANSWER: NO WHERE. If you have the ability to read and comprehend I said it was a pleasure BEING WITH genuine
American patriots. Your guilty, frail patriotic emotions are showing. Should I add your arrogance as well?

No one has a corner on that market said...

gosh, he didn't say they were the ONLY patriotic Americans,he said it was nice to be at that event!good God, you sound about as touchy and shrieky as Hillary did that time when she was running!!..

ambrosiajr said...

Bullshit Mark.

"Tea Party/Conservative GOP surfers in DC to save our Republic."

"It was such a pleasure to be among genuine patriotic Americans."

I'm sure you weren't talking about us Dems since your utter contempt comes through with your statements. So don't try to bullshit me. As far as comprehending is concerned, I can read between your thinly veiled lines.

Gretel said...

I appreciate Anna's direct responses to our questions and how she means what she says. I especially like how she speaks about restoring our Republic and returning to the Constitution. Go Anna!

Anonymous said...

Ambrosiajr. Relax, no one is after you. Stop being paranoid.

Mark said...

ambrosiajr you sound like a real tough guy with that trash mouth. Put this in your hat, buddy-boy, I am a Democrat. I was on the 6th CD ballot until "genuinely Patriotic" franky boy's lawyers knocked me off in court.
I am surprised you can read between the lines because it seems you have trouble reading what is plainly printed in front of you. Follow this, A-B-C-D... can you continue?

ambrosiajr said...

I don't really care who you are Mark. And good, I'm glad you got knocked off since you obviously should have been running against Little and Gooch and not Pallone.

Forgive me if you have never heard the word "bullshit" before, but I would venture that you have since you have, so grow up.

Anonymous said...

Geesh ambro you are entertaining I will give you that. You are almost as much fun as Riveria and Zuendt on that other website.

Christine Hanlon said...

Art, no conspiracy or enigma regarding signs south of the Monmouth Mall. You drove through Eatontown and it is not in the district. South of Eatontown is Ocean Township. Ocean Township public works picked up just about all of the political signs in town because they were placed on the right of ways. Had you been south of the mall a two weeks ago - you would have seen all of them!

They're alive said...

Art, yes,there is: was just in Neptune, Bradley Beach, Neptune City: saw a few Gooch signs, many Dan Peters signs, and quite a few for Anna- the crews have left most of them up, as of need another sweep this weekend, ACL!..