Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Diane Gooch Has Nothing To Be Embarrassed About

Politickernj's Max Pizarro wrote today that Diane Gooch chose not to seek a recount of the CD-6 primary results in part because of embarrassment:
In part embarrassed by the results in her home county, Gooch yesterday formally succumbed to Little, deciding against pursuing a recount and letting her rival's 84-vote margin of victory stand.

Max didn't site a source. I can't imagine that Diane or Mickey told him, "We're not going forward with a recount because we're embarrassed that we didn't do well in Monmouth County."

Mickey and Diane might have felt embarrassed by the results. I remember feeling embarrassed the first time I lost an election in Highlands. I put so much into the campaign. I was confident that I was the best candidate and was going to win. I was really going to make a much needed difference in my community. I had laid it all on the line and the voters chose a mechanic and a cook over me and my running mate, also a well educated businessman who was in it for the right reasons.

It stung. I thought people were laughing at me behind my back. If only we had done XX, or hadn't done YY.

Now that I've been at this a while I realise that most people went back to their regularly scheduled programing after voting and could care less about me and if I won or lost.

Wikipedia has a good definition of embarrassment:

Embarrassment is an emotional state experienced upon having a socially or professionally unacceptable act or condition witnessed by or revealed to others. Usually some amount of loss of honour or dignity is involved, but how much and the type depends on the embarrassing situation.

From where I stand there have been no socially or professionally unacceptable acts or conditions witnessed or revealed to others associated with the Gooches. Not involving this campaign or otherwise and I should know, I investigated them!

There is no loss of honour or dignity as a result of the campaign they waged.

Quite the opposite is true. The Gooches provided a great service to the 6th congressional district, to the Monmouth and Middlesex GOPs, to New Jersey and to the United States of America.

Running for office is an honorable endeavor if done for the right reasons. I believe Diane Gooch ran for the right reasons. To make a positive difference and to serve her country. There is great dignity in taking the risk to enter what many consider an undignified arena for the purpose of service. Diane Gooch did that. Most don't.

Anna Little is a stronger candiate to take on Frank Pallone than she would have been had she gained the party lines in March and not fought a primary. Had the results turned out differently, Diane Gooch would have been a much stronger candidate after having waged the primary than if the general election were to be her first campaign.

The Monmouth GOP is stronger as a result of the just completed race as well. I witnessed an invigorated, engaged and determined party at the GOP convention last night. The presence of so many Tea Party activists who before this primary were hardly involved in the political process becoming committee members is an awesome development for the party and for America.

The electorate and the media are engaged in the coming race to a much larger extent than they would have been had the Gooches not stepped up and put themselves on the line.

CD-6, New Jersey, the GOP and America are much better off than we were three months ago because of Diane and Mickey Gooch. They have nothing to be embarrassed about. They don't owe us anything. We owe them our gratitude.

I am grateful. I admire who they are and their efforts.


Art Gallagher said...

For the cynics who came in here to comment about this post being a suck up or a ploy to get the Gooches to do something for the Little campaign, Good For You. They've already done plenty.

For any miscreants who came in here to belittle the Gooches or anyone else, don't waste your time. There will be no such comments posted here.

120wallace said...

I just sent in my check for Anna I hope others will do the same.

Get in, stay in, make a positive impact said...

she was thrown into something she was ill-prepared for, and did a decent job, considering.. she should get/stay involved with the county org. she's been re-elected to be vice chair for..all donations of time, money, and effort are welcomed and appreciated!..

Anonymous said...

Art, well said! Uninfied and working together we will emerge victorius in November.

M Laffey said...

Good Post Art.
Right on target

Anonymous said...

I for one, am grateful for the challenge that this race put forth. Politics can be a nasty little game, but in the end, in this case, we have a common may think I am going to say a name here, but I am actually going to say "socialism"....or WORSE. I am sure Mr and Mrs Gooch are very nice folks and good Americans who took on a difficult challenge while sacrificing their time with their family and friends to campaign. We should thank them for that. Good job.

Art is focusing... said...

GREAT POST...I view the Goooches "stepping up" as sincere and this post is spot on. While some criticized comments to the effect that "Diane did not have to do this", it only takes a 2 minute "google" search to confirm that Mickey and Diane have no need to "put themselves out there" (ie they have a financial situation that will be "more than fine" no matter waht the obaminator does). Having followed this and discovering that Diane was actually spending her life meeting the people of the CD6 (and really enjoying it ) she should be thanked. She never said she was not a political neophyte - maybe if the "powers that be" had given her the real situation as to the county dynamics, etc., the Gooch family may have decided to "step up" differently. All being said, met her she is "real, cto ommitted, dedicated" and did her part in the campaign. She did not pretend to be other than what she was. Glad that the candidate with the best credentials v. $$$ is going forward, but found Diane to be a sincere, dedicated candidate. Good luck to Anna going forward

TR said...

As always I am stunned by your wisdom

Anonymous said...

The people got it right back then, Art. The cook and the mechanic were better, smarter and more honorable.

Anonymous said...

Diane...Your a Great American!

Well said Art...

Cosmo said...

This is a great post.

You hit the nail on the head.

I have been VERY critical of Gooch's staff and the way they operated (or didn't operate) this campagin; but The Goochs have nothing to be embarassed about.

Her campaign fostered good and open conversation for the entire party in the district.

Way to recognize.

Mark said...

Mr. and Mrs. Gooch have nothing to be embarrassed about. They legitimately entered the congressional primary and in most years would have been successful. This is not most years, however. A grassroots groundswell movement of citizens has been pushed to the brink by radical leftist in government. They have become politically active because of the radicals. The GOP, the Gooch's, the media, certainly not Democrats, did/do not see this Movement coming, but here it is. The Gooch's had the unfortunate timing of running up against it. No harm, no foul, no hard feelings. said...

This is a lousy post.

All this unity talk will cause nothing but complaceny.

Anyone want to fight?

I'm going RINO hunting.

I'll pick off Pallone for you as mere target practice on my RINO safari.

TR said...

WOW All of a sudden Tommy thinks he is relevant? said...

I would not want to claim to be relevant in the MCRO right now.

That would be like taking credit for the Pittsburgh Pirates right now.

Tea, TR?

Joe Hadden said...

When has someone who used the term "RINO" been part of a winning team in November?

Just curious. said...

Perhaps you can't see past that horn on your nose.