Monday, June 14, 2010

Pallone Kickoff

Frank Pallone kicked off his reelection campaign yesterday before 70 supporters at a BBQ behind his district office in Long Branch. Politickernj was there.

Pallone, who was Jon Corzine's campaign chairman last year, appears to be planning to run on the same theme that Corzine did:

"The Republicans want to take us back to the Bush economic policies that got us into this mess to begin with," the congressman told his audience. "They're motivated. They've got the Tea Party out there."

"President Obama did a good job with the economic recovery act - some call it a stimulus act - which created two and a half million jobs," the congressman said. "We have approved the biggest middle class tax cut in American history, designed to get us out of this recession."

How many of those "two and a half million jobs" are in the CD-6 private sector? How many CD-6 residents will be losing their public sector jobs as Fort Monmouth closes? How's that middle class tax cut working out for you?


Mark said...

Pallone is a pathetic elitist. The Stimulas bill was a payoff to radical leftist cronies and unions, period....similar to most legislation from this administration. For anyone to claim otherwise just highlights their deception. Of course, the press rolls over like a giddy puppy.

Anonymous said...

Pallone better come up with more than this. During the LG debate last year, Loretta Weinberg tried bringing up George Bush and almost got booed out of the place. Nobody's buying that crap anymore. Obama has been in office going on two years and we are in worse shape than ever. None of his policies are working. The only jobs being created are for the census. Our debt is out of control, unemployment is holding at almost 10% and we are still in Iraq and Afghanistan. Obama has failed miserably with the BP oil spill - two months and no end in sight. His accomplishment? Ramming through a trillion dollar plus socialist healthcare scam. If Pallone wants to hitch his wagon to that nag, then the Tea Party will tear him to shreds.

Time for a change said...

it remains to be seen if the mostly brain-dead voters of the whole CD 6 have awakened from their liberal-nirvana stupor, and realized these people are killing us, and our whole American way of life.. am sincerely hoping they have, but, when the "green wave" Pallone signs get plastered all over by the union goons, ( they are on the Asbury circle, already,as of yesterday),the pattern has been to knock-and-drag out the dolts for him, on Election Day..Anna has her work cut out for her, but she is a dogged and capable campaigner, will not let up, and this would be the year he can be retired, if ever!

Same old, same old from Frank said...

he is such a dunderdolt, and a horrid representative, as well as an embarassment, to us all!..with luck, this tripe will no longer suffice, this time!

ambrosiajr said...

"liberal-nirvana stupor, and realized these people are killing us, and our whole American way of life.."

Please explain to me how our "whole American way of life" has changed. Please be specific. What exactly can't you do now as opposed to yesterday. What exactly is "killing" you. Policies other than the ones you would like to see in place? If so, then that's not really killing you since you just don't like the other sides policies. I know how that feels. I had eight really, really long years of feeling that way, but in the end, we're all still the same and we all still have the same way of life here in America. Except, of course, for those poor dead Americans who died for lies and oil. They are the ones that are getting killed. They are the ones that don't have the American way of life any longer. Not you.

I'm curious.

Where to start?:read slowly said...

if you don't think that this last year and a half of "stimulus",taxes,and increased debt isn't going to kill our economy,and any hope of jobs in the private sector, then you are in lib-nirvana.. if you don't think that this Obamacare as passed wiil not kill the world's best healthcare system, you are in lib-nirvana.. if you think cap and tax, under the flawed guise of "ecology" won't kill us in huge utility increases and MORE dependence on foreign oil, while you hook up wind turbines and grow more sunflowers, you must have lots of extra income to pay those added bills, and are in lib nirvana..if you think we don't need a fence yesterday, and proper enforcement of EXISTING laws even more lenient than Mexico's, then you are way in lib-nirvana!..if you think killing babies, and taxpayers paying for abortions is a good thing, you're in a sick lib-nirvana.. if you think apologizing to the world, bowing to sheiks and dissing this great country isn't killing our entire way of life, you are in lib-nirvana and need to move to an England or Greece, where their gov'ts run everything and they are going broke, your and so many others' lib-nirva IS killing us, and we will defeat all of you, this year,or we're done.. there are many more, but this is a start, and, by the way, your pacifist, peace-loving Pres. decided to keep the kids getting killed, so there goes THAT lib-nirvana promise you all voted for, too!..look,I didn't agree with all of the past 8 years either, but at least we were safe,had tax cuts,( which your boy will let expire and cost us all even more next year), and at least we had some strength and respect left,and at least we weren't totally on the road to complete, one-party, centralized marxism!

ambrosiajr said...

So it is policies...and not our way of life. I get it now. Its ok to have long as they're the ones that YOU like.

The young Barbara Bush has said that the health care reform is good for the country...but she's just a kid, so what does she know.
Last time I looked, cap and trade has not been what has that done to you? What extra federal taxes have you paid? I haven't paid any, and as a matter of fact, my tax bill went DOWN this year. We don't even have the estate tax in place this year.
As far as the rest of your diatribe, you just don't like President Obama. Period.

So, back to the just don't like the policies that aren't YOUR brand of politics.

Hey, since we're all going to hell in a handbasket, maybe you should think about relocating to another country. Maybe the Cayman tax, no war, just peaceful breezes. Please don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

Anonymous said...

First why should I care about the opinion of any Bush. As far as I am concerned their domestic policies have been an unmitigated disaster.

The "policies" Obama and the Dems are pushing will destroy a way of life.

This country was built on a self suffecient can do attitudethat put a premium on personal

They are replacing that (through thier policies ) with I can't do, everybody owes me something cause its their fault my life sucks society.

Yeah that is the death of a way of life.

Little Government is Good Government!