Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Pallone: "Technology Can't Solve The Problem"

"Everything that can be invented has been invented,"

-- Charles H. Duell, Commissioner, US Office of Patents, 1899.


Makes your teeth hurt, huh? said...

Frank, you're nearing 60, now..please, wear glasses like the rest of us, and stop with the wimpy and annoying squinting, for Pete's sake!!

M Laffey said...

If we shouldn't be drilling in deep water as Pallone says then why the why did he vote to allow it and why didn't his subcommittee do a better job of oversight?

Lets assume he is right and you can not prevent accidents.
If you look at the record these types of accidents are extremly rare. We can't prevent planes from crashing yet we still fly. How about we do an actuall risk benefit analysis before we jump to conclusions.

Anna Little is going to slaughter this guy if there is a debate.

JustifiedRight.com said...

Mike Laffey what conditions have to exist to make Pallone say yes to a debate with Anna?

I'm thinking either:

1. She has to be polling closely and he thinks he can do well in the contest; or

2. The media has to hound him about it.

What do you think?

He won't debate, if possible said...

he will go to all possible lengths to avoid her for as long as he can, and avoid even mentioning her name/acknowledge her existence.. all she really needs to do is to keep issuing these accurate and hardhitting attacks on his lack of service to CD6, keep driving up his negatives as being on Pelosi's side not ours, and keep going in for the kill with the: "time's up" and "out of touch with us" themes, and she should be in the right place at the right time!..do go on her site or call and volunteer to do something: make calls, walk at public events with her all summer, put up signs, give a few bucks.. all help is accepted to be a part of a really big win!..this could be real fun..

JustifiedRight.com said...

Agreed. He'll do what he can to avoid a debate.

We'll do what we can to force him.

We have to incentivize him. Make him embarassed to say no.

mlaffey said...

"Mike Laffey what conditions have to exist to make Pallone say yes to a debate with Anna?"

Divine Intervention?

Mark said...

Keep the faith my friends and know this. While I was gathering my signatures for the petition to be on the Dem primary ballot, I was in heavy Dem areas speaking to Dem registered voters. I just mentioned I was opposing Pallone and people were lunging at me to sign. There is a vast undercurrent of dis-satisfaction towards Pallone in Dem circles.

Mark said...

Pallone states "technology won't stop the leak". Will Frank use a magic wand, telekinesis or fairy dust to stop it? Don't wait Frank get into action. Maybe lions, tigers and bears, oh my.
This man is a congressman? I am embarrassed as a constituent of the 6th CD.

Mark said...

I can't stop. This arrogant SOB stands there and says we can't keep going out further and further for oil, that we have to get off fossil fuels?
If you took your head out of the sand you would see we have plenty of oil ON LAND to access. Our policy should be let's become an oil EXPORTER and the prosperity it brings and then allow the private sector to use that windfall to explore renewable energy. But no. His plan is to make energy so expensive that our citizens cannot pay for it. Where is the logic? What are you up to? What is your agenda? The deceit and hypocrisy is numbing.

Ghosts of 13 Campaigns Past said...

the Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Pallone agenda is and always will be: statism, socialism, Marx-and-Leninism,destruction of personal choices and liberties, and making us all the "same", with "nanny-gov't." taking all we produce and own, and giving back to us what the few elites in charge decide we can have: oh, and in addition, make us like Eurpoe and all other 3rd world nations, impotent and powerless, so they get to rule the gulags and camps we'll have to live in!.. it's been pushing and trickling down this way for 40 years, and they are,unfortunately, with this Admin. and a willing Congress of greedy and elitist fools, nearly there.. this is our LAST chance to put up ANY kind of resistance and slow things down even a bit..here,Anna can lead the charge, if we focus,work hard, expose this wimp for the zero is is,and win in Nov.!