Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Rasmussen: Louisiana Voters Strongly Support Offshore, Deep Water Drilling

From Rasmussen Reports:

Even as oil washes up on their shores from the still-spewing oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico, 79% of Louisiana voters believe offshore oil drilling should be allowed, and nearly as many support deepwater drilling.

A new Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of Likely Voters in Louisiana finds that just 15% do not believe offshore oil drilling should be allowed.

These findings are basically unchanged from early April prior to the eruption of the oil leak.

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God SAVE America said...

they ought to know, it's their lives and their state!.. I am SO sick of Obamanation-bureaucrats, enviro-wackos, and other states,"experts," and "academics" telling these poor folks what to do, to save their homes and jobs!!.. anybody who wants to switch places right now with our fellow Americans, get down there and walk a mile in the oil and trash, in their shoes, before we judge!..and, why don't some of these groups so quick to raise money and run to Haiti or other 3rd world nations, sign up to help these clean-ups?.. I would text a few bucks down to Louisiana or Arizona, if I thought their Gov.'s would really get it, to help their own citizens survive these two different, but equally-overwhelming tragedies..this is beyond outrageous, that these situations are being allowed to occur, and their best efforts continually being squashed by some elitist and/or hampering "authorties" and "regulations"!.. my heart breaks for La., and Az., and for this great nation!

TR said...

These people understand something called risk benefit analysis.

The benefit to them and to us from off shore oil drilling far out weighs the short term detriment that will be caused by this spill