Friday, June 25, 2010

Should Asbury Park Allow Topless Bathing?

The proposed topless beach in Asbury Park has made world wide news. Nothing makes headlines like mammaries.

The Asbury Park council is set to vote on an ordinance that would permit topless bathing at the city's 8th Street beach at their July 7th meeting.

The idea has been championed as a women's equal rights issue by Reggie Flimlin, owner of the Yoga Basin. If nothing else, Flimlin has generated a great deal of publicity for Asbury Park and her business.

So what do you think?

If the ordinance passes, Tommy DeSeno wants to write an article about it for MMM.

The Asbury Park Press editorial board thinks an ordinance is unnecessary, and that the police should just... uh hum....look the other way.

Dan Jacobson of the triCityNews is said to favor the idea. Mickey Gooch hopes it passes so that Dan will stay out of Rumson.

Here's a video of Tommy and Dan with an unknown accomplice during their youth:

What do you think? Is this an equal rights issue for women? Publicity stunt? Would it be good for Asbury Park? For Monmouth County? Will Tillie and his grin resurface?

9 comments: said...

Asbury Park is home to numerous registered sex offenders.

What could possibly go wrong?

Anonymous said...

This is exactly why Asbury Park will never regain the status it once enjoyed.
Also,shame on the advocates of same sex marriage.

Oh, wonderful.. said...

another cheap shot to coerce people to go there,to spend a few bucks and go ogling likely weird,new-age hippies..( having lived throught the first wave of them back in the 60's, most were pretty dirty,and not pretty!)..Europe can handle it, the current sex-obsessed USA, not so much.. the continuing decline of that town, despite a few gasps of effort,reflects the continuing decline of standards, decency, and any sense of "class," at all,elsewhere..dumb idea, but not surprising, at all....

ambrosiajr said...

I've always been topless at the beach. What's the big deal?

the inside airbather said...

I think it wuodl be a good thing if they allowed it. I mean I ♥ Gunnison and all that but g-beach has no boardwalk like Asbury does. And no bathrooms LOL. So it would be a good idea.I would go there.


Lisa said...

I say we all go to the meeting, but with no pants on.

As men we should demand our rights not to wear pants!

Good grief.

Anonymous said...

the whole thing is beyond ridiculous!!

Anonymous said...

A certain group of people ruined Higbee Beach in Cape May County because of the actions that took place in the dunes and the litter that was left behind, and they ruined it for the rest of the law abiding, respectable people. Perhaps they haven't learned.

Anonymous said...

Whats the hangup regarding nudity??? Only in America!! Go to South America, Europe, etc., and its no big deal to be ashamed of the nude human body...good grief. One mans porn is another mans art.

No pun intended Art.

Jim Sage