Monday, June 28, 2010

Sipprelle Announces County Campaign Leaders

Princeton, June 28, 2010 – Vowing to compete for every single vote in all five counties comprising the 12th Congressional District during his campaign against entrenched incumbent Congressman Rush Holt, businessman Scott Sipprelle today announced his county campaign leadership team citing their wealth of experience and diversity.

Hunterdon County – Former Congressman Dick Zimmer
“Dick Zimmer served New Jersey’s 12th Congressional District with honor for three terms, consistently ranked among the most fiscally conservative members of the Congress by groups like the National Taxpayers Union and was designated a Taxpayer Hero by Citizens Against Government Waste every year he was in office,” said Sipprelle. “He also gained national acclaim for his authorship of Megan’s Law.”

Mercer County – Lawrence Township Republican Chairwoman Kim Taylor“Kim Taylor has over 20 years of experience in public sector finance and is deeply involved in the community. An active Republican, she has always displayed a willingness to reach across party lines to address problems facing our communities,” said Sipprelle. “Kim is a member of the Lawrence Township Planning Board, the pastoral council of the Church of Saint Ann in Lawrenceville, and former chair of the Lawrence Township Affordable Housing Board.”

Middlesex County – Old Bridge Councilwoman Lucille Panos
“Lucille Panos has been consistently re-elected by her constituents in Old Bridge because of her commitment to always put taxpayers first,” said Sipprelle. “As a Republican grassroots leader in Middlesex County, Lucille was the county leader for Governor Chris Christie’s stunning victory there in 2009 that all but assured his victory over Jon Corzine.”

Monmouth County – State Assemblywoman Amy Handlin“Amy Handlin has served in government on the local, county and state levels, and has earned her reputation as a reformer along the way,” said Sipprelle. “She has been honored by an array of prestigious community organizations including the NJ Federation of Independent Business, NJ Association of Women Business Owners, NJ Division of the United Nations Association and Jewish Federation of Greater Monmouth County.”

Somerset County – Franklin Township Mayor Brian Levine
“Brian Levine is the Mayor of Franklin Township in Somerset County and was a Councilman before that,” said Sipprelle. “A CPA by trade, Levine has guided the sprawling town of more than 50,000 by governing not as a partisan Republican, but as a committed fiscal conservative who reaches across party lines to promote the belief that lower taxes – not bigger government – is the best way to attract jobs and improve the local economy.”

“I am delighted by the quality and experience of the folks who have stepped forward to serve as special advisors to the Sipprelle for Congress campaign, in the capacity of County Campaign Leader,” said Sipprelle. “Together, we will wage a spirited and positive campaign to renew the American economy and reform our broken political system.”


Anonymous said...

It looks like liberal RINO roll-call to me. That Amy Handlin is outright hostile to my Second Amendment rights. Sipprelle won't be getting my vote.

Anonymous said...

Hey, judging from comment 1, it looks like Holt's disinformation goons have now joined the conversation. Welcome to More Monmouth Musings Rush!

Anonymous said...

can't wait to see what a great Monmouth turnout Amy "delivers" for Scott; it could be the first time she ever did,for anyone but herself, but there's always a first time..look, don't judge Scott by his "coordinators", we need LESS PELOSI/OBAMA VOTERS, come Jan. 1, that's gotta be the focus, please!!

Mark said...

The RINO line-up comes out front and center. So I guess the lip service the GOP paid Ms. Little was just that. So the dispersement of forces goes as follows: Rino's line up for SS (good luck); The Tea Parties line up for Ms. Little.(God Bless)
Guess what GOP, this is why the Tea Parties are suspicious of you. Defeating BHO and protecting America is not your objective. Defending your little slice of the street corner is.
On second thought this will help Anna as we appeal to the Dem dominated 6th CD voters. Tea Parties will point out how the GOP establishment has turned their back and shut the door on her.
May the best man (woman) win.

Anonymous said...

This is amazing. What a bunch of clueless GOP politicos. Who is he getting his advice from?

Sam Thompson's tabacco stained fingers are all over the Monmouth and Middlesex picks. Amy Handlin? her LD covers Middletown and Old Bridge. People in Manalapan, Marlboro, Freehold Township, and Tinton Falls don't have any idea who she is.

Lucille Panos? Puh-leeze. Doesn't she work for Thompson? Trough-swiller extraordanaire.

Levine, Zimmer and Taylor are irrelevant, with the exception of Levine, all got crushed last time they ran for anything.

What happened to Selika? She was at lease earnest and honest.

The quality of these picks indicates that Rush will win another term.

Anonymous said...

The Tea Party Movement is going to see to it that Anna Little wins! Without the help of anyone. We can give ALL of our efforts to Anna and the people of NJ relate to the Tea Party Movement. Bad move on the part of the GOP

Anonymous said...

I would've rather seen Selika Gore run the Monmouth campaign. But I don't think she's RINO enough

Mark said...

Yes, one of many bad moves by the GOP. I can see why the Dems run DC, their competition is short sighted, provincial and aimless.

Mark said...

One more note, SS has obviously shut the door on Tea Party support. I'm sure those TP folk in his district will vote for him but he cannot expect passionate on the ground organized volunteers. He has 1 out of state TP group that had endorsed him previously. They are unfamiliar with local issues. After I talk with them (I know them well) I hope to cool down their endorsement. Scott, you reinforce the appearance of a condescending elitist.
I tried to help Scott with (2) conservative groups (not TP's)in Mercer county 2 weeks ago but he appeared disinterested. There were no strings attached, no quid pro quid. I even stated the TP did not require public or overt attention to enlist these groups. I just wanted to help defeat Holt. I was puzzled about his disinterest but the reason is clearing up for me.

Anonymous said...

folks, get over it,who cares about these picks??.. it's the candidate who taps into the voters OF ALL TYPES' SENTIMENTS, WHO WINS!..

Anonymous said...

I cringe when I read these comments because it forces me to acknowledge how hard it will be to stop the Fascist thug Obama and his blackshirts in Congress from driving this country over the cliff.

We had a primary and Republicans chose not to nominate the TP candidate. So for you TPs there's one clear choice in the 12th: a true conservative in Sipprelle (who can actually win, unlike Corsi), or Obama/Pelosi's lapdog Holt. Seems like a very easy decision to me.

If the TPs actually care about this country they'd get on board with Sipprelle. We'll see come November whether they really do care.

Middlesexiest said...

The establishment got exactly what it wants. It never wanted to win this election. The establishment wanted to raise money for the establishment. Handlin, Kyrillos and Thompson all got campaign checks from Sipperelle, as did the Middlesex GOP, now headed by Thompson.

Thompson will manage to lose every office in Middlesex this year. His County candidates are comically uninspiring. In Anna Little, he has someone he can't control, and he will therefore ignore her, failing to deliver any support. In Sipperelle, he has the golden ticket, bit in his greed, he gave him Panos, who is a double dipper and vindictive, and not well liked.

But feel for poor Sammy. This year, he'll lose all the elections, next year he'll lose his seat.

Anonymous said...

Art, I am shocked by the petty, divisive nitpicky comments. Who the frig cares about Sipprelle's campaign staff? In Rush Holt, we have a very beatable, far left lackey of our muslim president. As a member of the TEA Party (won't say which one) I am disappointed to hear Mark all but walk away from him. I guarantee, the Dems who will vote for Rush Holt, don't know, nor could they care less who Holt's campaign staff are. How incredibly stupid and unimportant to get hung up on such an irrelevant detail. And this obsession by the TEA Party with being against anything "establishment" is exactly what the Dems want - a divided, bickering opposition. Here's a news flash for you Mark - many of our members are so-called, establishment people who embrace the tenets of the great TEA Party movement. Who annointed you as decider of who is "TEA Party enough" for your blessing?

Anonymous said...

Tea Party stands for Taxed Enough Already.

I believe SS certainly holds those same views.

It would serve as all better to stop the petty barbs and concentrate on the bigger picture which is to rid the CD-12 of Rush Holt.

Anna Little, like the true lady she is has never spoken negatively about Sipprelle nor has she questioned his motives or politics.

It would see that her supporters who question SS are doing the lady a disservice.

Lets get rid of Pallon and Holt together, instead of tearing ourselves apart.

Mark said...

Anonymous squirrel: The tired old line of "...who appointed you" or "...who annointed you" doesn't cut it. Am I claiming to be czar of all the Russia's? No. I am giving my opinion. Is that permitted?

Anonymous said...

No Mark, if you read your posts you are speaking for the TP, i.e. "the tea party will not be passionate" or this gem, "I hope to cool down their endorsement (of Scott)." Why? What is that going to do but feed your ego as a perceived mover and shaker - a guy whose keen insight can influence the other, poor unknowing Tea Party group. Here's a reality check for you - Dave Corsi is a nice guy with SOME good ideas, but he is far from a perfect candidate and had as many, if not more flaws than Scott Sipprelle. Time to get over it and accept that Scott is the candidate - end of story. One question for you Mark - do you want to get rid of the abysmal Rush Holt or not? If you do, then why would you try and "cool" anyone's endorsement for the one guy who can get rid of him? This is what scares me about the great Tea Party movement - that guys like Mark will begin to think it is all about them, and forget what the mission is - to rid ourselves of these anti-American, far left, liberal s-bags who are destroying our country right before our eyes.

Anonymous said...

If we don't unite to beat both Pallone AND Holt, we will continue with Obamanation. If we put aside our differences, we actually have a chance to beat both Pallone AND Holt. Ultimately both Anna and Scott have the same goals, perhaps different ways to get there. I voted for Dave, (and was glad to see Anna win) but I will strongly back Scott - he is the only alternative to continuing Democrat control of Congress. Unlike some of the above commentators, including Mark, I live in that district. And I can't stand Holt.

One practical note - you must get elected to change anything. Continuing Pallone and Holt will only make things worse.

Mark said...

I could give a dam about my position in any movement. I am not a paid partisan. I will air out my thoughts and feelings whether safe or not both inside and outside the Movement. If I wanted safe and obscure I wouldn't be doing what I am doing. Instead of taking shots at me perhaps you should consider what I am saying.

For instance, I like the Indy Hall Hall group. Many in NJ do not. I risk my standing in NJ by not being a vocal critic. But since I belive in my position, it is what it is.

As I stated, the forces have been dispersed accordingly. GOP fighting hard for SS and the TP for Anna. What in that is your problem? The GOP needs our support too? I hope they help Anna. They have the largesse to do both, the TP is more limited. Why wasn't there a commiserate announcement for Anna? The connotation was noted.

I will lobby that the TP groups support Anna lock, stock and barrel since SS now has the backing of a large, powerful establishment machine. If the movement decides otherwise, I will support them.

You may not be aware of how many times the TP has reached out to the GOP. Numerous times. Most by other TP leaders. They have been ignored, marginalized and overtly betrayed, i.e. Gilmore, Ocean County. This is the source of my anger. When I see genuine, sincere folks smacked down for selfish reasons I will swing into action, hard. I have this bad habit of defending those I love like a wolverine regardless of the odds, numbers or venue.

Last summer I led the Tea Party charge inside the PNC when BHO and Corzine rallied. We were outnumbered a zillion to one. I was ready to die that day. Do you think taking a position on a blog is going to be influenced by concerns like "what is my standing in the Movement, or what will the GOP say?" Minor issues, sir.

Of course I want Holt retired. I have been present at two of his town halls. I am fighting the entire leftist machine. I was in Mass., I have been to DC 4 times. I go all over the state helping TP groups and conservative candidates, not just Monmouth County.
I walk the walk, just like other Tea Party Patriots. I am entitled to voice my concerns, fears and views.

Anonymous said...

Mark sounds like a typical power-grabbing, ego-driven, self-serving politician. Exactly the kind of jerk that the people are going to punish in November.

jakesgrandma said...

I may not agree with everything that Mark has posted here, but at least he has the "stones" to use his name.

Anonymous said...

The anti-Sipprelle commentary above is very depressing. I'm sick of it. We actually have a great chance to kick Holt to the curb, and yet we have people who claim to speak for the Tea Party who prefer to throw around the pejorative term "RINO" and complain about who Sipprelle's county campaign leaders are. If you people really are patriots and want to try to save this country, stop the trash-talking and help Sipprelle get elected.

Mark said...

Another anonymous squirrel. Go ahead, take your shots from behind the curtain, or is it your momma's skirt?
Yeah, I am grabbing power. From who? What kind of power?
Ego? Voicing my true feelings and putting them out there for cheap shot artists gets me what?
Self serving? Yes, I am benefitting mightily. What or how I am benefitting I don't know but when it happens I will post it.
Jerk? yes for even responding to a insect like yourself.
You must be a leftist, attacking the messenger and ignoring the message.

Anonymous said...

Mark, you just don't get it. I am a TEA PARTY MEMBER and I think you're attitude and rhetoric is pathetic and counter-productive. As others have said, unite to get rid of Holt and Pallone and stop the sniping at the candidates who are ON OUR SIDE!!!!! And for the record, in the grand scheme of things, using your first name, your whole name, listing your family tree, etc. on a blog means absolutely nothing and has no bearing on getting rid of Holt and Pallone. So spare us your absurd patting on the back for it.

Stop pickin',start workin'! said...

this year, there is absolutely NO reason why we cannot dump BOTH Holt and Pallone, no matter which group of supporters wants to stake their emotional/philosophical claims on them!.. people, please, let the candidates be who they are, and support them all the way, don't become enmeshed in inside-baseball squabbling, which all Rep's are good at!..if you don't like some of the "luminaries," every campaign comes with its own share of groupies and interested parties and hangers-on, but, everyone has ONE vote, so who cares, just get regular voters out in the districts, to bring both seats home!!

Mark said...

All, I am concerned that my statements have been misunderstood;
I want SS and AL as our congress-people, period.
I would have liked to see a GOP as excited about AL as they are SS, but that doesn't appear to be the case. If they were we could help both equally. I will be lobbying like hell to get the TP's supporting only Anna because SS has a huge war-chest and the public backing of the GOP machine. AL is going to need the TP firing on all cylinders.
I am also upset with the GOP because I don't see them as interested in a constitutional American Republic as the Tea Parties. They seem more interested in maintaining their little GOP fiefdoms. I also don't see the GOP fighting viciously against BHO. There are always GOP crossing over to vote incorrectly, or not raising their voices or filibustering like a Tea Party Patriot would. The elections are looking bright for the GOP. But then, just today Boehner goes public with statements that Social Security retirement age s/b 70 and other stupid comments to alienate voters. I couldn't believe it. Is he trying to sabotage November? Somebody shut this man's mouth.
So if my ire at the GOP seems to rabid it is because I am upset they are not fighting the smart or hard fight against BHO and his minions.

Anonymous said...

One final comment - perhaps what set Mark off is the announcement of the campaign committee for Scott.

Mark - tell Anna to announce her campaign committee as well. Art will publish it here, I'm sure!

Anonymous said...

Scott, you seem like a nice person, but I fear you may be catching a bit of the insanity bug that goes around shortly after winning a primary in NJ.

Number 1: All those people who say you need to be a moderate to win should remember that Christie won the district, yes, pro-life, pro-gun rights, very conservative christie. You know who didn't win the district? Zimmer, Bennett, etc..etc..etc.. All pro-choice, anti-gun rights, soft on tax candidates (including Zimmer horrible tax record) lose, and lose and lose unless they are in districts that wouldn't elect Jesus if he was Democrat.

Number 2: The same people who screwed up your primary are now doing you a disservice once more by putting people with no interest in see you win as campaign heads. Amy Handlin has seen a real campaign since... well never. She was "promoted" from the freeholder board because they couldn't stand her and sits in the Assembly because no one cares about the Assembly. She is useless, catagorically and metaphorically useless, in every way and shape imaginable.

3. The more you run to the so-called middle the more you lose your base. The base is energized this year, throwing sand in their eye doens't help you.

Bonus: Dump Jamestown. It's getting boring predicting their campaign success.

TR said...

i do not think that scott is a rino.
What bothers me is by his picks he has showed a decided lack of political acumen.

Zimmer and Handlin are both an anathema to conservatives.

Scott needs strong support from conservatives to win. These picks will ot help him at all.

Scott what where you thinkong