Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Sipprelle Comments on Gaza Flotilla Incident

Princeton, June 2, 2010 – The following statement was issued today by Scott Sipprelle, Republican candidate for Congress in New Jersey’s 12th District:

“The rush to judgment by many in criticizing Israeli actions, before the facts are even clear, only reinforces and encourages hardened partisans and lethal adversaries sworn to the destruction of Israel. It is precisely at times like the present, when the world’s opinion has turned universally against Israel, that her friends need to speak out forcefully, and to be heard,” said Sipprelle.

“There is strong evidence to suggest that a significant number of the passengers in this flotilla were on this mission specifically to create an international incident. How else to explain the refusal to unload the ships’ cargo for inspection and transfer to Gaza? How else to explain that on five of the ships the commandos encountered no resistance and there was no violence? How else to explain the clear video evidence, as seen on YouTube, of violent attacks on the Israeli soldiers as they rappelled onto the ship? How else to explain the involvement of the IHH, an organization that fundraises for Hamas, as a sponsor of the flotilla?” questioned Sipprelle.

“As a candidate for Congress, I have repeatedly stated my commitment to defend the right of Israel to secure its borders as a crucial element of national survival. I have criticized my opponent, Congressman Rush Holt, for weakening the resolve of the American government to stand behind our ally. Rush Holt is one of 54 Congressmen who signed a letter to President Obama criticizing Israel for sealing its Gaza border in reaction to missile attacks from Hamas. With his support, Holt continues to legitimize the terrorist organization that has seized control of the government of Gaza and continuously threatens Israel. In contrast, I support Israel’s unambiguous right to halt the flow of arms, ammunition and other supplies which can be used for military purposes by Hamas against Israel,” added Sipprelle.

“This incident also puts into stark relief a new, more dangerous world order that is taking shape in the face of America’s economic decline. Allies threatened by America’s diminishing power and influence on the world stage will face greater risks and more provocations from enemies who no longer fear a weakened United States preoccupied with its economic troubles at home. Congressman Rush Holt, in steadfastly promoting policies that have put America trillions of dollars into debt and brought America to the brink of financial ruin, has directly undermined America’s ability to serve as a stabilizing global influence, an important new reality for friends and foes alike,” concluded Sipprelle.

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Anonymous said...

This man is simply brilliant. We cannot afford to let him slip away. What a refreshing change from the political machine!

I urge everyone .... vote Sipprelle next Tuesday....and again in November!