Friday, July 02, 2010

Anna Little Wins Ten Bucks Friday Poll

CD 6 Republican candidate Anna Little won the nationwide bloggers poll, Ten Bucks Friday, with 42% of the vote among a field of 10 strong candidates.

TBF is a campaign being promoted by Maggie M. Thorton at Maggie's Notebook and Each week they create of poll of 10 conservative candidates, the winner of which will be the beneficiary of a "money bomb" of grassroots blog readers contributing $10 or more to the winning candidate.

I ask that all MMM readers donate $10 or more to the Little campaign right now. Please mark your donation TBF so that the success of the campaign can be measured.


Ten Buck Fridays: Anna Little Wins!

Who's that standing with the intrepid Governor Christie? It's the next congresswoman from New Jersey's 6th Congressional District, Anna Little.

Anna Little reached out to Ten Buck Fridays supporters for support, and she surely got it. Running away with 42% of the vote in a ten-way race, Little is the hands-down victor in this week's Ten Buck Fridays fundraising poll.

TBF bloggers and supporters can be very proud of their support for this phenomenal candidate.

This week, we had a great lineup of conservative candidates, but I want to encourage everyone who voted in the TBF poll this week to rally behind the winner with a $10 donation. Some have an expressed a desire to give to multiple candidates, and that, of course, is strongly encouraged. (And don't forget, every week brings another winner.)

My wife and I will be giving to both Anna Little and Liz Carter under the TBF banner today.

Getting back to this week's winner, Anna Little is an ideal candidate for a TBF money bomb. She won the GOP primary despite a 10:1 financial disadvantage. Think about that: A $10 donation to the Little campaign could pack a $100 punch!

Warning: Anna Little is facing a well-funded Democratic incumbent. She and her supporters really need our help.

With our assistance, Anna, just like Chris Christie, can win in NJ-6.
Donate to Anna Little here.

*Don't forget to label your donation "Ten Buck Fridays!"

NOTE: You do NOT need a PayPal account to contribute to Anna Little with a credit card. Just fill out this form and keep going:

At the very end, you can skip this part entirely:

Again, I urge all MMM readers to donate $10 or more to the Little campaign right now.

Thank you.

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