Friday, July 23, 2010

Cook Report: NJ-6 Solid D

The Cook Report has moved the NJ-6 race between Frank Pallone and Anna Little back into the solid Democrat category, according to a report on Politickernj.

During the primary campaign, Cook had rated the district Likely Democrat.


ambrosiajr said...

Its right where it belongs.

Anonymous said...

Makes perfect sense. In May, when Cook moved it from Safe D to Likely D, they specifically pointed out "Republicans believe local newspaper publisher and philanthropist Diane Gooch will find a way to make this race competitive." Once again, the GOP blew its chance to nominate someone who could actually win.

And Anna Little can now forget about national groups coming to the rescue with funds. Even if they wanted to, their donors won't forgive them for sending money to a candidate judged to have no chance by Cook.

Anonymous said...

The Little train that couldn't.

I'm a Democrat who volunteered for Frank Pallone. My friends who work for him were at least a little worried when Miss Gooch was going to be the nominee. Not worried anymore.

Anna is cooked. NRCC won't help any R running against a "safe" D. You can check on this. Same with the DCCC -- no funds go against "safe" incumbents.

Anonymous said...

The Goochies were very,very
confident (and dismissive)
of the Little campaign every
day until June 8th.
How did that work out for you?

Anonymous said...

The Gooch camp was going to
"Spend a million dollars to
beat palloney:
The bill is due.
Or were those who doubted their
sincerity correct?

Belford Boy said...

FIRST Anna has raised a hell of a lot of money since June 30th she won't raise 4 million but she will get the job done.

SECOND Anybody that thinks money will decide this race is delusional.

This is the year when money is not the most important thing.

I will tell you what matters. Calling a meeting for Volunteers and having 75 people show up and having that happen on a consitant basis.

I'm glad the Dems are underestimating Anna. It will make victory that much easier and that much sweeter.

Little Government is Good Government

Anonymous said...

Little is spoiler, but who knows, this could be an unusual year. said...

I'm THRILLED the Cook report did this.

Undefeated Anna does best when the party (and others) doubt her.

If I was running her campaign, I would have requested Cook do this.

Let Pallone keep his guard dowm.

Anonymous said...

Yep, you Little fans have Pallone exactly where you want him. Having no money is a huge strength of Anna's campaign. Right.

Face it. The GOP was stupid once again. Instead of picking a candidate who could have won, primary voters picked Anna Little, who can't win. Zero chance. Beating Gooch, who had never run before and doesn't live in the district -- fine. Congratulations. But that has nothing to do with beating Frank Pallone.

Anonymous said... said...

"I'm THRILLED the Cook report did this."

Does that mean if the Cook report had moved the race in Anna's favor you would have been disappointed? Here's how you can identify an Anna Little supporter. Every piece of news, good or bad, proves that she's invincible.

Anonymous said...

Sour grapes make an awful WHINE.

Anonymous said...

If the Gooch's were honest, and
the main objective was beating
phoney palloney, then a large
donation would help balance the scales. Or,was it really all
about princess di?

Andrew said...

Gooch can't make any more of a donation than anyone else. She couldn't write Little a check for a million if she wanted to. And why should she? Little bashed her bank account and then you people have the nerve to turn around with your hand out? You wanted a right wing nut with no money and no organizational support? You got her! And Pallone got 2 more years in office.

Anonymous said...

I'm not ready to write Little off yet, but I do agree she will have a tough time fundraising. The Cook dowgrade doesn't help.
I agree with Andrew, Diane Gooch can only write a check for 2,600. She could have written as much as she liked to herself, but is restricted like everyone else to individual candidates. And why contribute to Little? Thats 2,600 less for Republicans rated with a chance. There are total federal limits too- so its a zero sum game.
Little will have to do what she siad she would in the primary- with grass roots and little money-
I hope she pulls it off- I'm fed up with Pallone.

a little supporter said...

The campaign of Anna Little has not asked the Gooches for a donation and will not.
That would be crass.

I think everyone can understand why the Gooches may not be thrilled to support Little. Its just human nature.

Of course if they wanted to show they are bigger then that they would be welcomed into the campaign with open arms even if they just voiced support without making a finacial contribution.

Either way no hard feelings. The little campaign is focused on winning and nothing else.

Freespeaker76 said...

Can anyone tell me how much Anna has raised SINCE the primary?

The Federal ELEC Reports show $68,000 raised as of June 30th. Does that INCLUDE Primary money?

Anonymous said...

yes- 68k raised thru June 30th includes everything raised to date including Primary, and a substantial part of that 68k was not cash but "in kind" ie- free services like photography and printing. Little had 16k cash on hand as of June 30. Belford Boy says she has raised a "hell of a lot" since June 30. What is a "hell of a lot?"

Anonymous said...

Gooch, Gooch go away.

Anonymous said...

The exact amount is confidential until the next report comes out.

If your only focus is how much money the campaign has raised you just don't get it and will not be happy with whatever you are told anyway

Freespeaker76 said...


Is it ok if I just wonder and want to know?

I've gotten conflicting information, that's all, because I was wondering if any money did come in from the RNC said...

Yes I would have been disappointed if Cook moved the race in Anna's direction early.

Why tip off Pallone early?

Joe Hadden said...

In this climate, there's no such thing as a safe seat.

Pallone's supporters may be complacent and take victory for granted. Anna Little's supporters will march naked through a hail storm to vote for her (please don't actually vote naked).

I think the Anna Little has no shot story is one we've heard before.

Anonymous said...

On the contrary- Anna Little absolutely has more than a shot. This is the year Pallone can be beaten. I will be disappointed if she loses, especially if Sipprelle wins in CD12. However, if Little wins and Sipprelle loses, or Sipprelle wins by a smaller margin than Little, then for sure I will believe we have a true sea change and Little will be a champion like Scott Brown especially having achieved it without strong funding.