Tuesday, July 13, 2010


(Fair Haven, NJ) Despite losing nearly $140,000 in state municipal aid, Fair Haven Mayor Mike Halfacre announced today that Fair Haven has adopted a budget that cut property tax rates for the third consecutive year, a feat Halfacre believes has not been duplicated anywhere in the State over the same time frame.

“Although we have been aggressive in Fair Haven in cutting costs, sharing services and looking at every penny spent, it is important to note that Governor Christie has given local governments like ours the confidence to continue what we started doing four years ago.”

“In 2007, the municipal tax rate was $.491 per $100 of assessed value. In 2010 it will be $.458 per $100 of assessed value. These reductions have not always been easy, and tough decision had to be made. I’d like to thank the Council and the people at Borough Hall for their work on this budget and over the past few years. It has truly been a team effort.”

“Today, I had the pleasure of attending the bill signing ceremony for the CAP 2.0 legislation. I applaud the Governor and the legislature for their efforts, but stress that their work is not done. With the further support of the initiatives brought to Trenton by the Governor, we will continue making the tough decisions and lowering the tax burden on our residents.

Halfacre concluded by stating, “The future of Fair Haven and New Jersey looks particularly bright today.”


Anonymous said...

Mike should give some advice to Scharfenberger - 13% tax hike, UNBELIEVEABLE!!!!!!!!I'm a Middletown Rep, will still vote for scarfenberger because i dont want to see the commies get in, but not at all happy about their poor handling of the budget. I wish i lived in Fair Haven.

Anonymous said...

Oh please, the tax rate in puny Fair Haven is over 48 cents while the tax rate in Middletown as proposed is 39 cents and will probably be lower by adoption. Seems as if Fair Haven has more fat to cut than Middletown. Care to give an example of how the Middletown budget was handled poorly? And for the record, my taxes are going up about $14 per month - that works out to around 2.9 percent. I've read that even further cuts are coming. Are you aware of what every town is facing in New Jersey? Do you know why Christie is so adamant about his toolbox? So towns can cut their budgets and taxes.

Anonymous said...

comparing tax rates like that is an indication you have no idea what you are talking about.

Anonymous said...

Quite commendable to FH ...and all their state aid was cut by CC as well !

Anonymous said...

Given all the fat in the Fair Haven budget, these cuts are not at all impressive.