Monday, July 26, 2010

Green Briar and the Liar

By Barbara Sargarese Gonzalez, Founder, The Bayshore Tea Party Group

Rush Holt found out that the Bayshore Tea Party Group and other "friends" were going to his cozy little hideaway town hall meeting at Green Briar in Marlboro today. Thank goodness they beefed up the security because I'll tell you those senior citizens were rowdy! We got there an hour early and most of us found seats in the second row; the rest throughout the room.

I walked towards the back of the room to say hello to a friend and literally heard gasps as I walked through. You see, I always wear my Bayshore Tea Party shirt when I attend anything with more than a few people present. I heard a few in the audience say the "Tea Party is here". Wow, I though, how special!

The meeting was opened by a gentleman stating that first and foremost that there will be decorum at THIS meeting because they will not have what some people are used to. Hmmm, I wonder what he meant by that? One Tea Party member asked that we say the Pledge of Allegiance when the man in front of me said "why do we have to do that?" I leaned forward and whispered to him "I have a bone to pick with you later".

Next , a woman from AARP got up to talk about how wonderful the Health Care bill is going to be for seniors, and was literally so caught up in her lies that she was starting to yell and I actually saw veins popping and I think I saw a little spittle. This woman was enjoying herself a little too much. There was some whispering going on as she was lying and finally someone raised their hand and asked her a question. The man running the meeting started to remind the lunatic Tea Party people about decorum. He said "we are not here discussing the Health Care Bill". One of our members said "with all due respect, she is the one who brought it up!”

He harrumphed a bit and told her, the AARP woman, to move on the subject at hand which was the financial reform bill. She said something about, and I quote “suing the bastards" and I stopped listening to her for fear of having a stroke.

Holt got back on the mike and continued to dance around a couple of questions that were very respectfully asked by members of the audience. When he didn't answer one question, the woman asked again for him to answer her question. The man in front of me turned toward her and said "Shut up!!" He didn't get the memo about decorum. The lies kept coming and finally Holt said "I have to catch a train" and thank you, thank you very much....left the building. A gentleman, who is now my new hero, quickly got in front of the room and said "may I have everyone's attention please!" (I am telling you this was awesome). He asked that they please stay and listen to what Lies have just been told to them and how these people are destroying our country. I love this guy!!

All of a sudden, all of these things seemed to have happened at once. A man made a comment to a Tea Party member who then called him a communist (he is one) who then started to poke his fingers at her and was screaming in her face. I was asking the man in front of me why he would not respect our flag, now as I tried to get between the men poking and screaming at my friend, I was suddenly surrounded by six or seven men screaming at me. One said I had no right to say anything, while one said to the other "don't lower yourself to their level". He said, poking his finger in my face "we don't want you people here!" Did he say "you people"? I thought that was wrong these days...oh well. Well, now he just got me mad so I pulled my finger out of my holster and when I do that, I won't stop until my finger is empty. A very kind maintenance man came and whisked me away from the gang of angry seniors. I must tell you, this was the oddest experience I have ever had and I have had some very odd experiences.

Surprisingly, in the end, we wound up staying and engaging most to them in conversation. We handed out Bayshore Tea Party cards and will hopefully have new members. They loved our passion. When you are telling the truth, you make a better case. I hope to hear from them and hope that they go out and vote against Holt. I sort of think they will. They admitted seeing through his lies. Until the next town hall.....finger back in holster.


James said...

Wow, you're nuts. That is all.

Anonymous said...

You Rock Barb!!!

MPRPRO said...

Can I just ask to know when you are going to a meeting again? I would love to see this. I got a finger for them too. I hope I can be as diplomatic as you were. Great report.

Anonymous said...

We usually get the word from someone who actually checks into these things - town hall meetings. Believe me, I hope that he has another. I am really hoping that Pallone has one. He's always a bunch of fun! We in the Bayshore Tea Party Group have put out an invitation to the residents of that community from today, to sit and have a conference with them to talk openly about the issues we were so passionately upset by. I will report back when that happens. As far as the finger goes..hey if you have a holster for that one, be my guest. Barbara.

aratus271 said...

The record clearly reflects that Rush Holt is fiscally irresponsible. For instance, his Federal Budget Testimony from March, 2009, during economic turmoil, applauded the fact that the budget sought to make the R&D tax credit permanent, but, as his voting record reflects, on several occasions when he was in the minority, he, and the most extreme Democrat partisans in Congress, repeatedly voted against making critical tax cuts permanent, and extending similar tax credits to small businesses in the district. Our collective interests are not consistently attended to by the current career politician.

Rush Holt mentioned in congressional testimony that "[f]rom 2005 through 2007, federal research obligations decreased 7.8 percent in constant dollars. Between Fiscal Year 2007 and 2008 alone, total federal research spending dropped by 4.8 percent in constant dollars. The Congress must take some responsibility for this funding situation. In Fiscal year 2008, Congress slightly increased the investment in NSF by 2.5 percent, far short of the 8 to 10 percent increase that was provided in earlier versions of the appropriations bills and less than the 3.8 percent inflation that year. At the same, DoE’s Office of Science received 5.8 percent increase, far less than the 15 to 18 percent increase in earlier versions of these bills. I urge the Budget Committee and the Congress to take a different approach this appropriations cycle.”

Apparently, the comment here shows that discretionary spending was attended to by both the Republican and Democratic majority, and the opponent was opposed to that endeavor, certainly an extreme position that does not reflect the general interests of district taxpayers. What is the "different approach" the opponent suggests, even more debt and deficit spending? Is that taking "responsibility for the funding situation?" This is fiscally irresponsible at a time of rising debt and deficits. It shows a blatant and reckless disregard of fiscal discipline at a time when all of our attention should be focused on eliminating the debt and deficit for us, and posterity. The opponent wants to compound the debt issue with increased taxpayer spending on pet projects for his fellow scientists.

ambrosiajr said...

I wonder what really happened....from someone who isn't so biased.