Friday, July 30, 2010

MMM referred to as "dung droppings" on Pallone's Facebook page

I found this gem in the comments on Phoney Palloney's facebook page:

Contrast Rev. Gil Caldwells letter in the current Coaster to the dung droppings by outsiders in More Monmouth Musings.

I don't think even Mike Ferguson's $1 million 1998 race against Phoney Palloney had Francis, Jr as concerned as he and his supporters obviously are by Anna Little's underfunded campaign and her passionate supporters.

As one commenter pointed out in the comments of Little's press release bashing the Obama/Pelosi/Palloney economic policies, Francis Jr's supporters and staff have found this blog and have joined the debate, even though some of them consider this blog "dung droppings."

All are welcome to our fair and biased debate.

Our critics have called us worse...retard, terrorist, racist, Arlen Spector...are just of the few of the slurs that have been thrown this way by people who can't stand what we do here and also can't resist coming back, often several times per day.


Mark said...

I try to visit Franky's FB page daily to upset the lemmings and zombies. I am not insulting them, but I find the terms accurate. I also constantly remind Franky what he and his party are doing in DC may be illegal and that ultimately our courts and jails await him.
The usual modis operandi is to insult personally those like myself who post common sense explanations to the Fairy Land Of Leftist Make Believe. It is comical. Occassionally Franky supporters attempt to deal directly with an issue being discussed. They fail. Although controlling the full reins of power it still must be difficult for leftist to defend the indefenseable. They are a small minority who through election fraud (ala Franken), judicial fraud (ala Lautenberg)etc. have pulled off a political coup to implement a radical agenda no sane American supports. If we can keep the Nov. elections honest their reign will be crippled in 2010 and in 2012, eliminated.

a realist said...

Boy. are you all dreaming? Or are you actually believing this dung dropping ??

realitycheck said...

Boy Mark, you have quite an active imagination! Sounds like a page right out of Fox news.