Thursday, July 29, 2010

More Proof That Frank Pallone Is Worried (And Phoney)

Phoney Palloney was front and center in Washington yesterday as the Democratic National Committee rolled out its anti-Tea Party campaign. Now we know why he didn't have lunch at the Tastee Sub Shop.

From the DailyCaller:

“They talk about the Tea Party and make us think that this is some kind of grassroots movement harkening back to the Tea Party of the American Revolution,” an incredulous New Jersey Rep. Frank Pallone, flanked by other Democrats at a DNC press conference, said Wednesday.

But Tea Party activists today, he said, advocate positions that only benefit the wealthy.

“If you think about it, the Tea Party was out there trying to basically agitate against the king,” he said of the historical Tea Partiers, making a contrast with the activists who use that name today. “But many of these policies of the Tea Party — the Republican Tea Party candidates — really go back to the king or to the elite or to the wealthy and to the well to do.”

Pallone continued: “Please don’t be fooled by the label. The label is misconstrued. The reality is it’s the same old Republican policies and it’s putting the same old people in charge.”

I know Francis has met many Tea Party activists from the 6th district, and he will be meeting them again often between now and November 2. They are not advocating the "same of Republican policies" and it's not
"putting the same old people in charge."

Phoney Palloney has not scheduled a Town Hall meeting since last August. Given how those went for him, he's not likely to host one this year (or ever again since this is his last year in office). However, he will be participating in a "talk back" on national security issues and the constitution next Thursday, August 5, after a performance by the NJ Repertory Company of the play "Sunlight" at Monmouth University.

"Sunlight" sounds interesting and timely, according to the promo on the NJRC website:
Matthew Gibbon, liberal lion and university president, may have finally gone too far in his battle against the conservative Dean of the law school, his son-in-law and former protégé. His daughter is caught between them and the entire university community is up in arms. The personal and political collide in this stunning new play about loyalty, power, and torture memos.

Here's a short preview:

The "same old Republicans" from CD-6 won't be there at Monmouth University on August 5th to "talk back" with Francis next week, as they will be with Governor Christie attending the Monmouth GOP Victory Gala at the Molly Pitcher.

However, I'd be willing to bet that there will be some CD-6 Tea Party Patriots there to let Phoney Palloney know who they really are.


ambrosiajr said...

Wait a second Art...wasn't Anna a republican freeholder? Isn't she the republcan mayor? Did something change overnight? Or is she just the same old republican with a new backer. Aren't you a republican county committeeman? Or did you change parties. I dunno...seems like the same old (no offense on the old part...) republicans to me.

Mark said...

My reply to Frank and the DNC chair on another blog:You either have to view the video or read a transcript to comprehend my points.

Finally! The shoe fits! Mr. Pallone gets "it". Yes Mr. Pallone, we are a struggling citizenry in confrontation with her government, or more accurately, vice versa.
The king reference fits because we have 2 branches of government acting like royaly.
We are out there, the citizens of today, just Joes' and Susies' putting it on the line sometimes when we do. We are out there because our renegade government is usurping and ignoring our founding documents. We are out there because you are spending us into oblivion. We are out there because you are lining the pockets of yourselves and your political benefacters while cheating and lying at the political game and rules to only institutionalize the crimes. The Republic does not want this 1960's hippy radical agenda. That agenda you either permit or support is economic and national sado-masochism.
We want you to stop, now.
Oh, note to Mr. Kain. The Tea Party is coming for your job. We are a Movement and not a political party. Expect a rash of Tea Party Candidates in future Democratic primaries right out in the open. I expect we will do well in several area's. Mr. Pallone, Mr. Kaine, you've just been invitied to the Party.

Nostradomus said...

The Tea Party will go the way of the 8 track player, and the Rubik's Cube within a short period of time.

Anonymous said...

Art - correct me if i'm wrong but wasn't Anna Little very close to becoming a Democrat? That doesen't sound conservative to me....or is that just a rumor created by Dems and anti-Little people?

Anonymous said...

To Anon 7:01--Anna considering becoming a Dem? Not likely. Her positions, her message, her persona--everything about her--are totally consistent and strongly conservative-and always have been. Somehow I cannot visualize a Democrat or Lib ending each gathering with the singing of "God bless America".... Also, it is not Anna's style to switch parties just to get elected.
Must be a rumor (and I cannot imagine why anyone would start it - doesn't fit.)

Mark said...

Nostradomus, or was it Nostradamus, may we quote your deep words of wisdom? Are there any other pearls of insight you have to share with us?
maybe if you turned off MTV or MSNBC you could potentially grasp what is occurring around you.

Bayshore Bob said...

Anna May have been asked to become a democrat but her answer was a clear no.