Thursday, July 29, 2010

Newt Gingrich Endorses New Jersey Congressional Candidate Mayor Anna Little

Highlands, NJ—Republican congressional candidate and Highlands Mayor Anna
Little has received an endorsement from former Speaker of the House
and General Chairman of American Solutions, Newt Gingrich. The endorsement
comes as no surprise to those who understand that both Little and
Gingrich stand on strong conservative values.

Fundamentally, both Gingrich and Little believe in limited government which
gives power to the individual rather than the state. According to Mayor
Little, “After enumerating specific rights retained by the people in the
first eight amendments, the Ninth Amendment and the Tenth Amendment spelled
out the principles of limited government…In essence both amendments state
that the people retain certain rights, and that those powers not granted to
the federal government and not prohibited to the states, are reserved to the
states or the people.”

Gingrich and Little also share similar concerns for the economy and job
growth throughout the nation. As expressed by Gingrich, “America’s economic
woes are not due to the excesses of capitalism, as the left claims, but
instead due to abandoning supply-side, strong dollar policies for easy
credit, deficit spending, and stimulus.” When explaining New Jersey’s
economic woes, Little commented that “All levels of Government, from the
Federal Government to the States to local municipalities, need to work
cooperatively to lower the crushing tax burden on our families.” She
believes that out-of-control taxation and regulation penalizes America’s
workers and businesses.

Mayor Little joins Gingrich in opposing the government’s takeover of
healthcare. “Americans have a Constitutional right to choose their own
healthcare insurance and medical providers, or fore go insurance coverage and
contract directly with medical providers, free from government mandates with
the resulting fines and possible imprisonment for noncompliance.”
Little has made numerous appearances in Trenton to oppose the controversial

As an immigration attorney, Anna Little thoroughly understands the need for
a secure border and Gingrich artfully states Little’s position when he says,
“America is a nation of immigrants… However, America is also a nation of
laws. We must have a lawful process of immigration and should not enact
policies that encourage illegal immigration…We must insist the government
live up to its promise to the American people to secure the border and
adequately police business hiring."

Gingrich and Little agree on a multitude of issues because they recognize
that Washington does not seem serious about border security while dominating its
own people through excessive taxation and regulation. In endorsing Anna
Little and her candidacy, Gingrich has recognized an ally—one who devotes
herself to preserving the inalienable rights of American citizens.


Anonymous said...

What a shocker!

Anonymous said...

Is there any Republican candidates for Congress that Gingrich isn't endorsing?

Maybe he can teach her about those family values of adultry and leaving his wife for his secretary while she is dying of cancer.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:37 You got that right.
Another hypocritical Republican,

Nice try,jerks.. said...

and what a shocker that the drones among us begin the personal attacks on the smartest and closest to winning among us.. whatever personal mistakes Newt or any other human has made in their personal lives, the fact remains in this case, in this year, with the worst lurch toward socialism we've ever seen being perpetrated on all of us on a daily basis by Obama, Reid, Pelosi and Pallone, as soon as the truth-tellers and freedom-fighters speak up, or get endorsed, the drones resort to all they have left: trash and divide!.. NOT gonna work this time, idiots!!

Anonymous said...

anon 3:48 Freedom Fighters? what a bunch of horse sh...