Thursday, July 15, 2010

An Open Letter To Rush Holt

From Dwight Kehoe, Bayshore Tea Party Leader/Activist

Dear Mr. Rush Holt,

I was amused when I returned home yesterday and found you had left a voice message for me. Why amused? The last time you spoke to me, your words were, "shut up and sit down". As I listened to your message, I couldn't help but to wonder if you remembered the disrespect you showed me and many of the other citizens in that Middletown town hall meeting. But then I recalled, the very next town hall you held, when you were involved in a microphone-wrestling match with a middle aged woman over her right to speak. Hence, it occurred to me that, most likely, your elitist comments were not all that unusual. By the way, my money was on the lady until your aide double teamed her.

So I'll refresh your memory. As you continued to dominate the podium and refused to allow the people to speak, at a town hall where we were there for you to hear us, your logic challenged rhetoric, about adding 30 million people to the tax payer funded healthcare system, by way of that Healthcare bill, would be revenue neutral and not cost the tax payer a dime, I rose to challenge you on your numbers. Understanding as I do, that the government can't give change for a five dollar bill without spending half of it, I offered you a bet where the loser would have his money go towards a charity. I offered to put up $50,000.00 and have you match it. If the health care bill cost more than you had stated, your money would go to a charity of my choice. Your response? "shut up and sit down". Way to back up those assertions Mr.

That evening I made a promise to myself that I would spend every minute and every ounce of my energy working towards your defeat in 2010. You will be happy to know, I have not "shut up or sat down" since. In fact, I have joined the most powerful and effective Tea Party alliance in NJ. We are almost 900 members strong and growing everyday. We are up and out speaking and informing the people of the 12th district about just who you are, what you stand for and what you have done to the working man in this state and country. Your voting record, more liberal than Nancy Pelosi's, is in our pockets. None of us will "shut up or sit down" until you are cleaning out your offices in Washington DC and Princeton.

As I am sure you know, unless you just watch the mainstream media, every official and unofficial accounting of the Health Care bill has determined it will burden the taxpayers anywhere from 1 trillion to 12 trillion dollars in the next 10 years. That means, I won the bet. Please make your check for $50,000.00 payable to the American Cancer Society. I will be informing them of your impending generosity...... Oh, I forgot, you are just generous with other people's money. But, as I see it, all of the 50k was drained from your constituents pockets, so writing this check should be right up your alley, so to speak.

The next time you decide to call my house, and I hope to hear from you soon, with more lies and misrepresentations about Obamacare, remember, we the people are uninformed no more. Most of us know more about this bill than you and Pallone put together. The days are over where you can destroy our economy and the future of our children with impunity. We are watching your every move and, the results, of them. You are about to be held accountable.

I had intended to show, point by point, in this letter, all the falsehoods and manipulative claims you made in your call to me. But you know what you have done. The good news is the people of the 12th District do too. November can't get here soon enough. And if you progressive socialists try to push lame duck bills to the desk of our one term President, you will here from us like, nothing you have heard before.

Just one more thing before I go. I have a great business proposition for you. You can get in on the bottom floor. My associates and I are starting a new kind of fire insurance company. No one one need sign up until their house burns down. When it does they just come in, fill out the forms and we pay them for their house. Doesn't that sound great? I await your initial investment. But don't go too far, we may need more capital, real soon.

You have my number. Call me!

Dwight Kehoe
Little Silver, NJ


Anonymous said...

Excellent letter, but don't hold your breath waiting to hear that Mr. Holt's check has cleared with the American Cancer Society. Rush Holt is only generous with our money, not his own. This guy is notorious for crashing charity events without ever making a contribution.

Gotta hate cheapskates!.. said...

am beginning to hope all the Rep's running for Congress this year put a picture of Lincoln on every mailer and ad saying: "this year, get back with "Honest Abe!"..the slipshod and not-genuine campaigns of the past that allowed such poor constituent and taxpayer-service are OVER: people are watching and paying attention this time, and NONE of the same-old, same-old will be acceptable any longer..they will be found out, exposed, and turned out of office, once and for all, with everyone's help, attention and support!

N. Feinberg said...

A wonderful letter. I have tried in the past to reply to Holt's emails to me but you cannot do that. He will not accept them. I detest the man and his record and I pledge my vote against him come November.