Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Pallone's Charmed Life


Below are excerpts of a column by Ernesto Cullari, who writes the "Justified Right" column in print in the triCityNews in Asbury Park. Ernesto points out the sweet government post enjoyed by the wife of Democrat Congressman and Obamacare sponsor Frank Pallone. Tommy DeSeno has the entire column posted on his Justified Right Blog.

...For the elite there is no unemployment line, but rather a buffet line leading them from one opportunity and one favor to the next. Our own Congressman Frank Pallone Jr., who is up for re-election by the way, either lives a charmed life, seemingly avoiding the economic malaise that has hit most Americans or he has used his position of power to influence the hiring of his wife Sarah Hospodor-Pallone at the Environmental Protection Agency.

Sarah Hospodor-Pallone’s job at the EPA is a prestigious position. She works within the Office of Congressional and Intergovernmental Relations, where she is Deputy Associate Administrator, responsible for managing the EPA’s relationship with national organizations, State and local governments, as well as small communities. An EPA document dated December 2nd 2009 and addressed to former Virginia Governor Tim Kaine lists Sarah Hospodor-Pallone as the point person for the governor, an impressive position for someone who seemingly did not work her way up and through the ranks at the EPA. ...

I contacted Frank Pallone’s campaign and gave them the opportunity to establish whether or not Sarah Hospodor-Pallone received assistance from Congressman Pallone in landing her cushy job at the EPA, but they never returned my inquiry.


Anonymous said...

seriously Art this is the new level?

JustifiedRight.com said...

Anon 2:25:

A Congressman who oversees the EPA has a wife who landed a high level job with the EPA.

Are you saying that's not worthy of a question?

Certainly if it was John Bennett, that story would be on the front page above the fold 19 times in the 3 months leading up to the election (real statistic, not made up).

Art I know you don't make people use their real names, but if Skip Hidlay is going to keep posting here I think you should expose him.

ambrosiajr said...

Ahhh Tommy...

Best I can see is that she's been in that position for more than a year. Possibly longer. Why oh why would you bring that up now? Hmmm...if you can't win on the issues....

Also Tommy...I don't see anywhere in Frank's bio how he double billed his clients as Mr. Bennett did....oh, yeah, I forgot...just an oversight. (chuckle)

And also...I don't see where the Congressman is holding more than the one job..unlike Bennett who held various positions all on the public dole...and then, when he was Governor for 3-1/2 days, pardoned a former business partner.

Thanks for bringing him up...that was fun.

Anonymous said...

I think Aet should not expose people who chose to be anonymous just becuase he can read thie IP address. He's done it it in the past (revealed identity) and it makes a mokery of anonymous. Either allow anonymous posts and keep them anonymous, or else require ever poster to register and get rid of anonymous. I would vote for that.

JustifiedRight.com said...


You also failed to see how Pallone became a millionaire on a Congressman's salary.

You sure about that one job thing?

ambrosiajr said...

Show me another Tommy....other than speaking engagements. Show me proof if you have any.

Hey, I could invest with that kind of salary too, you know.

Funny to see you never disputed any of the other facts.

Admit it...That was a bad example to bring up.

Anonymous said...

Why bring it up? because it ticks voters off! GOOD! He keeps ticking us off!! Let's dig more!

James Hogan said...

I work a plain old boring cube job programming computers while surrounded by short fabric walls and florescent lighting. When there was an opening at the company that employs me and provides such a great working environment, I called all of my friends, who seemed to be qualified, and politely asked the boss to interview my friends. The boss tossed a few aside in the "not qualified" pile and hired the ones who appeared able to do the job. He later fired one who didn't make the grade after a few months of trying hard and falling short.

So what I'll say is that if Mr. Pallone's wife is qualified, and is getting the job done, this doesn't seem so extraordinary or out of the normal things common folk like you and I might do in the private sector. If Pallone's wife doesn't have the necessary qualifications, then MAYBE I can see finding out what Pallone's relationship with, I would guess Lisa Jackson - former NJ DEP Commish and now BigWig at EPA - is and how someone who lacks the qualifications was given the job.

Otherwise, it seems like there should be plenty of other things about Pallone to complain about... whatever came of Frank Pallone and ReGen?