Monday, July 12, 2010

Romney Endorses Little, Sipprelle, Runyan and Lance

Today, Mitt Romney’s Free and Strong America PAC announced the endorsement of the following New Jersey candidates:

Congressman Leonard Lance: Leonard Lance currently represents the 7th Congressional District of New Jersey and is running for reelection. For more information about him and his campaign, visit

Mayor Anna Little: Anna Little currently serves as the Mayor of the Borough of Highlands, New Jersey and is now running to represent New Jersey’s 6th Congressional District. For more information about her and her campaign, visit

Jon Runyan: Jon Runyan, a former professional football player, is now running to represent New Jersey’s 3rd Congressional District. For more information about him and his campaign, visit

Scott Sipprelle: Scott Sipprelle, a successful businessman, is now running to represent the 12th Congressional District of New Jersey. For more information about him and his campaign, visit

The PAC also announced that is sending Lance, Little, Runyan, and Sipprelle each a $2,500 contribution toward their respective Congressional campaigns.

“Rather than working to enact policies that will restore our economy and put people back to work, too many of our elected officials are instead enacting policies that are stalling our economic recovery. New Jersey – and our nation – needs leaders like Lance, Little, Runyan, and Sipprelle who will stand up to the Washington culture of higher spending, higher taxes, and higher debt, and focus on turning our economy around,” said Romney.

These endorsements are another in a series of state rollouts of the PAC’s 2010 endorsements, which are aimed at electing conservative candidates who will work to lower taxes and spending, restore commonsense principles to healthcare and get our economy moving again. As part of this program, Romney’s PAC also has announced endorsements in Ohio, Missouri, California, Pennsylvania, Hawaii, Nevada, Illinois, Georgia, Texas, Indiana, Idaho, New Mexico, Virginia, Florida, North Dakota, South Carolina, Utah, and South Dakota.


Keep it going said...

super: we made, and are still making, national att'n. with the Gov., this is another huge step forward, to be one of the states to prove we are no longer brain- dead, are sick of the tax and spend nonsense, and paying for all this nonsense, and the more endorsements they get,and capitalize on them, the better!.. if each volunteer/supporter for these campaigns makes just 10 phone calls now, and at voting time, and gives 5 new e-mail addresses to their candidates' e-blast-lists, and gets 5 cash-strapped friends to write even a $10.00 check now, to get the new ones going, the impact will be headlines all over the country, and help us regain some measure of sanity back in our government!!and, let's do it NOW, rather than later, people!!!.. it's long past time to loudly say: "how dare you people do these things to us!",and really take this country back!!!

Anonymous said...



lol what a joke, lets wait to see who wins their primaries then i'll make endorsements of the candidates. Ummmmmm wouldn't Mitt Romney enodrse all the Republican candidates running everywhere just as Obama endorses all the Dems

joke of an endorsement

Anonymous said...

Agreed- It's a cheap gratuitous attempt by Romney to get Conservative credentials-

Makes me less likely to support Romney

We'll take it said...

don't care about him: any nat'l. attention to the Rep.cong. candidates from Jersey who get mentioned by a nat'l.figure's a GOOD thing, this year, especially for Scott and Anna!!