Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Rush Holt To Host Another Phone Call. What about Pallone?

CD-12 Congressman Rush Holt announced that he is have another town hall conference call on Tuesday July 20 at 7:30 pm. You have to fill out this form to get connected to the Rush Line

Holt says that the teleconference town halls are just like live town hall meetings, except you can participate in the comfort of your own home. And he can participate with the comfort of controlling the conversation and not facing angry constituents.

You can listen to Holt's last cowardly call here. You can also watch a video of his last live Town Hall meeting here:

Holt may be a coward for not having live Town Hall meetings, and for refusing to debate Scott Sipprelle. But at least he's doing something!

Where's Frank Pallone? When is he hosting a Town Hall meeting?

Call Frank Pallone's office at 888-423-1140 and ask when and where his Town Hall Meetings are going to be.

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What town-hall? said...

wonder if Holt can/will figure out how to screen-out Rhoda, if she chooses to call him up for a chat?..maybe Frank's busy getting a facelift/botox, so he can still fool the district's seniors into thinking he's still 35 and like their grandsons, again!!.. if I were Anna, I'd do a "where's Frank?," like a "where's Waldo?" poster, and show him enmeshed in his lawnsigns' green wave, melting into the carpet pattern on the House floor, or on a learjet,rushing out into the other states, picking up his usual,out-of district, union/lib lobbyist checks!