Saturday, July 17, 2010


By Grace Cangemi

Today, Fort Monmouth kicked off “The Last HOO-AH,” a parade and festival to say goodbye to Fort Monmouth. I was there, and rumor had it I just missed Rush Holt.

Apparently, Mr. Holt made a brief appearance at the parade and then left before the program started. Someone told me he was seen wandering around with a map and a GPS, muttering “so this is where Fort Monmouth is.”

He watched the parade and then took off. Maybe he thought Rhoda was coming. As mayors, councilpeople, freeholders and citizens took this opportunity to recognize how important Ft. Monmouth has been to our area and to the history of our country, Holt was running to his car. Who can blame him? As the list of officials attending the parade and program was read, each received a nice round of applause. The silence when Holt’s name was read was deafening.

An Army veteran told me that “HOO-AH” is actually “HUA,” meaning HEARD, UNDERSTOOD, ACKNOWLEDGED.

Mr. Holt, we heard what you said. When it was time to stand up for Ft. Monmouth, we heard you say nothing. When it was time to acknowledge the importance of the Fort, we heard you say nothing.

Mr. Holt, we understand you. We understand that one of the most important issues facing your district was the closure of Ft. Monmouth, and we understand that you failed to go to bat for us. We understand that in the wake of your failure, you don’t even have the decency to stand up and recognize how important the Fort is to your constituents.

And Mr. Holt, it is my most fervent hope that in November, we will acknowledge you, your record of failure, and your dismissive arrogance.

Mr. Holt, I’m looking forward to your last HOO-AH.


Anonymous said...

Hey Grace, let's not let Francis off the hook here. He's just as, or more, culpable in this closure as Rush.

Anonymous said...

Rush Holt was AWOL on Fort Monmouth for his entire career. That is one of the reasons why he will be walking the streets as a civilian come 2011.