Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Small Business the Focus of Obama's Trip to Edison, NJ - WNYC

Small Business the Focus of Obama's Trip to Edison, NJ - WNYC

WNYC is covering site of President Obama's visit in Edison.

At 11:39 they reported that protesters had been "pushed back" two blocks from the site of the presidential visit.

They also noted that the White House press office has a tent, "the size of the Tastee Sub Shop" pitched at the Burger King across the street for the sub shop.

Anna Little had a press conference scheduled for the same location at 11 am. I'm anxious to find out how far she got pushed back.


Anonymous said...

Haha, they pushed way back Obama's supporters, but the protesters were only pushed back like 10 feet. (to make room for a police car)

Anonymous said...

It's true. The Bayshore Tea Party was there and we were on the side where you could see him very clearly. I sort of felt bad for the Obamabots who waited,like us for 5 hours or so (for different reasons of course) only to get pushed so far back they couldn't see a thing. There was a bit of contention towards the Tea Party, but we were very quiet and just wanted to show our presence. We were cursed at, called "racist" and one of our members was even surrounded and screamed at and the police had to break it up. The man directly behind me was saying words that you cannot say on this blog and had no problem saying them in my ear. It was a hostile situation. I can't believe I stood baking in the sun for 5 hours, in a hostile environment, to see someone I don"t like. hmmmm.

Michael said...

After the initial perimeter expansion to 1/2 block in all directions (to the corners) Anna didn't get pushed back far at all. We were asked to back up from the curb to the sidewalk, but that was it. Anna did her press conference after the press representatives found her in the parking lot of the HSBC bank right on the corner of Rt 27 and Plainfield ave. Overall, she was interviewed by two tv reporters, and about half a dozen newspaper reporters.

Mark said...

We were all saying the purpose of Obama's small business summit was to gather data to see what part of the economy is still standing so he can target and ravage those as well.