Friday, August 20, 2010

Airport Plaza Under Consideration As Set For Reality TV Series

Vic Scudiery bills his Airport Plaza retail and office center in Hazlet as Monmouth County's Best Kept Secret. If things break right for Vic and his tenants on Route 36, his new tag line will be America's Best Known Strip Mall.

A television production crew has been dropping in on the retail establishments over the last couple of weeks. This afternoon, MMM went over to see if Snooki and The Situation are coming to Hazlet.

Upon arriving we noticed a camera crew entering Lighthouse Cigars. Then we met Diane, the owner of JAM Apparel and her son AJ who answered a few questions about the production.

Finally we ran into Becky Hayes, the casting director of the production. Becky asked that what not reveal the name of the production company and wouldn't say which cable network was considering the project. She did say that Airport Plaza was one of several strip malls that were under consideration for a documentary TV series that would "profile the passion and individuality of small businesses." Her crew has been visiting the shopping center to produce a "test tape" which will be used in the selection process.

Becky's company has produced an Emmy award winning production for Showtime as well as shows for the History Channel, MTV, VH1 and The Cartoon Network. One strip mall will be selected for this show by early October.

Good luck Airport Plaza!

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Anonymous said...

oh, swell, more money coming in for Scudiery to donate to Flippy and his two dunce runningmates this year! out, Rob, Shaun, and Tom!!! still gotta be up to snuff, show up, and work hard!!.. the wheels are off the bus, and they ALL must win..