Friday, August 27, 2010

Christie Fires Schundler

Governor Chris Christie fired Education Commissioner Bret Schundler this morning after Schundler refused to resign in the wake of the controversy over the state losing $400 million in federal "Race To The Top" education funding and a video released by the US Education Department that contradicted Schundler's account of "clerical error" which caused New Jersey to lose the award, according to a report at

Christie had relied on Schundler's version of the events when speaking to reporters on Wednesday. He blamed the Obama Administrations Education Department for not giving the state an opportunity to correct the "clerical error" which presumably would have put New Jersey over the top in scoring for the award. The Education Department video portrays a department official asking for the information twice, and Schundler's team being unable to produce it.


Anonymous said...

Schundler is better off and NJ is better off without the funds.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely agreed with Christie in the beginning when he said that he wasn't going to fire anyone over a clerical error. But when I saw that video and knew that Christie had been fed the wrong information I immediately said to myself 'somebody has to go because of this'. Firing Schundler was a good move, he's been the weakest link in the governor's cabinet with this not being his first blunder.

Joe Schilp said...

Problem now is, who replaces Bret and does the Democrat majority in the Legislature give the nominee problems at the behest of the NJEA?

Let's hope not!

You got it, Joe, said...

Bret, now the sacrificial lamb,who was a champion of educational competition and teacher accountability, what a shocker- the unions in all areas of this state will not, are not, going down, without new and different, and more sneaky and intense, fights..all this,while so many libs' laws still tax,regulate, and fine, and fee-us,to DEATH, unabated!!..there's far too many lib penalties to demolish, please don't keep me thinking we made another big mistake!