Monday, August 16, 2010

David Larsen Has A Lot To Learn. He Should Start Learning From Scott Garrett

By Art Gallagher

"Who is that guy?" was a frequent question at Anna Little's fundraisers last week. At the event at the PNC Art's Center hosted by Senator Joe Kyrillos and at the Tea Party fundraiser for Little at Applejack's in Keansburg, several people asked me, "Who is that guy?"

I didn't know his name. "He ran against Leonard Lance in the CD-7 primary," was my answer.

His name is David Larsen. He he lost the CD-7 primary to Lance 31%-56%. Evidently he's planning another primary challenge to Lance in 2012 and he's started that campaign already by appearing at Lance's events in CD-7 and Little's events in CD-6.

According to an article at Politickernj Larsen spoke at at "Smart Girl Politics" event in Red Bank last week where he said, "Leonard Lance is not a real Republican."

Contrary to what was reported in Politickernj, Larsen's remarks were not made at a Little event before "Anna's Army." It was a summit of Smart Girl Politics New Jersey chapter. Smart Girl Politics is a nationwide network of conservative women.

Larsen was not invited to speak at the two Little events he attended last week.

Little told MMM, "Larsen's remarks were inappropriate. He was invited to the summit to speak about grass roots campaigning, not to bash his primary opponent."

"I spoke supportively on Leonard Lance in my earlier remarks. Congressman Lance is a good representative of the people and we need to support him. That's what I said. Max (Pizarro, Politickernj's reporter) got it wrong."

If Larsen wants a future in politics, he should look to CD-5 Congressman Scott Garrett for guidance. Garrett, the most conservative congressman in the New Jersey delegation campaigned in Bergen County last week with Republican County Executive Candidate Kathe Donovan, according to another Pizarro piece in Politickernj. Donovan is considered one of the more liberal Republicans in New Jersey.

This is the time for Republicans to come together to defeat Democrats. Democrats are good at putting their differences aside during general elections. Many New Jersey Republicans skipped that class in Politics 101. They should contact Monmouth County Sheriff Shaun Golden, who teaches Politics 101 at Monmouth University, for a refresher.

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