Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Positive Talks With US Navy Produce Possible Fix

Senator Joe Kyrillos (R-Monmouth, Middlesex) senior Republican member of the Senate Economic Growth Committee issued the following statement regarding the ongoing dispute between the State Department of Environmental Protection and the New Jersey/ New York Baykeeper over an oyster restoration project in the Raritan Bay:

“I have asked the DEP and the Baykeeper to communicate on the oyster research project underway in the Raritan Bay.

“I understand that the Baykeeper and the US Navy have had positive discussions regarding the relocation of the oyster research project to Naval Weapons Station Earle.

Since the DEP has been willing to support the relocation of the oysters in the past, I am confident that it will support the relocation of the project to a location secured by the Navy.

“I urge both the DEP, and the Baykeeper in conjunction with Navy, to work for a solution that will enable this valuable project to continue. My office will monitor this situation closely and work with all the parties involved in order to bring this dispute to a satisfactory conclusion.

“Oysters are a valuable support species that provide many benefits to the waters they inhabit, including providing habitat for many other species of marine life and cleaning the waters.”

“I commend the Baykeeper for their commitment to finding a creative solution to this problem that will help restore the health of the Raritan Bay.”

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Anonymous said...

Why doesn't the DEP just deputize volunteers to patrol
I bet lots a people would volunteer.

As usual with the government this is a HUGE FUBAR