Monday, August 23, 2010


Legislation to Rename Bridge on Route 36 as "Captain Joseph Azzolina Memorial Bridge"

Legislation to rename the bridge on Route 36 over the Shrewsbury River in memory of the late Assemblyman Joseph Azzolina passed the Senate today. Sponsors of the legislation, Monmouth County Senators Jennifer Beck, Sean Kean and Joe Kyrillos, praised the passage of this bill which will honor their friend and former colleague.

Azzolina was a veteran of the United States Navy; he served in both the Assembly and the Senate, and was a successful and respected businessman in the local community.

Senator Kyrillos was a friend and long-time legislative colleague of Captain Azzolina, representing the same district for many years.

“Joe loved New Jersey and America and it is only appropriate that we honor his memory and life-time dedication to our State with this legislation,” Kyrillos stated. “Though his work and devotion speak for themselves, designating the bridge in his name will be a constant reminder of all he did to better both Monmouth County and New Jersey.”

Senator Beck served as Assemblyman Azzolina’s chief of staff and worked side by side with him for many years.

“The Captain was my friend and mentor,” said Senator Jennifer Beck, “and I am so pleased that the State of New Jersey is honoring him in this way. He loved New Jersey and always had a special affinity for the Bay Shore area. I know that he would be honored and humbled to have this bridge named for him. I would like to thank my colleagues in the Senate for approving the renaming of this bridge for my dear friend Joe.”

Senator Kean, who represents the district where the Route 36 Bridge is located, said he is proud to pay tribute to such a renowned and respected member of the Garden State community.

“Dedicating a bridge over the waters of New Jersey to Captain Joseph Azzolina is a fitting tribute to a man who served in the Navy and worked tirelessly as a public servant,” said Senator Sean Kean. “Joe Azzolina devoted his life to serving his community, state and country.”


Anonymous said...

Joe was a good man and a dedicated public servant. A fitting tribute!

Anonymous said...

I have heard a lot of people say that.
My experience with him was that he was a foul mouthed arrogant bully.

Not to say that he didn't do a lot of good. He probably did. he deserves kudos for serving his country.

It's just interesting how many facets we all have on our personalities and how showing different sides can color other peoples perceptions of us.

The captain is not the only public personality that has recently passed who one could reach multiple conclusions about.

Quite frankly very few maybe none of us deserve monuments.

Go, Joe.. said...

am delighted for this fitting tribute: being "rough-around -the-edges", perhaps because you've killed yourself all the way for your respect and success, and maybe having had to fight for what's yours,cannot take away from all the good-hearted and wonderful works, and personal generosity that the man helped so many others with,of all parties and stations in life, when he simply and plainly,didn't HAVE to!.. God rest his soul, and kudos to his family, trying to carry on his legacy of really giving-back!..good job..