Monday, August 09, 2010

Monmouth GOP Victory Gala Photos


Anonymous said...

its good to see such a diverse group of people, different ages, different races! The Monmouth GOP truly represents all Monmouth residents!

Art Gallagher said...

Such a toad you are A 10:42 PM

Have you ever been to a Monmouth Democratic event? I have. The ages and races are the same.

I'll send the diversity police over the Middletown Democrats fundraiser on Thrusday night and get photos of that event too. I hear Phoney Palloney is going to be there with a big check

Anonymous said...

Keep the photos comming. Very impressive turnout!! Great event. Panorominc backdrop. Kudos to Christine Hanlon, Esq and Mayor George Newberry the gala co-chairs! Evening was a huge success and bodes well for November 2nd.