Monday, August 16, 2010

Pallone Shows Up In Long Branch!

So we were told. We didn't see him. Neither did many of the people who were waiting on line in the heat and humidity to meet him one on one.

Pallone twittered that he met with lots of organization reps. Mentioned legislation to improve veterans benefits, particularly for the disabled. He said he met "lots" of people with personal concerns and answered seniors questions about hcr (health care reform?) and medicare.

Here is some of what he missed:

The Tea Party Groups were out in the sun:

This nice lady doesn't like the Tea Party. She thinks they are dishonoring her relatives who fought in the Revolutionary War. She came to ask Pallone to save the horses out west from being slaughtered to feed people in Europe.

Who does she think Pallone is? Eli Wallach or Montgomery Clift?

This young woman from the neighborhood came to see why people were protesting the funeral home next door to Pallone's office:

Most of the folks we talked to didn't wait to talk to their Congressman. This fellow put his name on the list and said he was coming back later:

Harold was quite surprised by the gender make up of the Tea Party protesters:

Ken, retired from Fort Monmouth, didn't get to see the congressman but left some information for him. Ken had quite a bit to say on a variety of issues:

Harold Cooper has a high regard for Pallone and his family, yet he thinks Frank and Mr. Rangel, have both been in office too long:

More tomorrow.


Freespeaker76 said...

Some really good video here. It just goes to show how blind some people are to the real issues, like Horse Lady who belittles the Tea Party people who are actually standing up FOR what her relatives fought for in the Revolution. Not that horses aren't important, but come on lady, get real.

As well, the fellow criticizng the "white women" about their stand against health care. Just who brought up race there?

Morgan Freeman said it best. "you want to solve the race problem? Just stop talking about it."

Anonymous said...

Somebody should tell Harold that its not the governments job to give jobs to youths and the cure to their negative behaviour is a swift kick in the ASS.