Friday, August 06, 2010

Phoney Palloney's Farcical Franking

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Funny, I don't remember so many "CONSTITUENT UPDATES" last year when Frank Pallone didn't have to defend his job.

In yesterday's mail there was a new piece from Francis, Jr.

The tag line under his name is Representing the People of the Sixth District of New Jersey. There he goes lying right off the bat. Last August at his town hall meetings he told thousands of his constituents that he didn't care what they thought about his health care bill, that he was standing with Nancy Pelosi and Henry Waxman, "the finest people I know," he said, and declared how proud he is of the health care bill that he wrote, "not Obama, not Pelosi, it's my bill." That night Frank Pallone made it very clear that he does not represent the people of the 6th district of New Jersey. This November we the people are going to fire Frank.

Immediately under the "Representing.." tag line is FIGHTING FOR WOMEN. That must be why it was addressed to my wife and not me. Now I know why we didn't receive the one targeting senior citizens that I read about a few weeks ago. Phoney Palloney is targeting his CONSTITUENT UPDATES based upon demographics. That sounds like a political campaign to me, not a CONSTITUENT UPDATE. Is there any doubt that Francis, Jr. is touting his FIGHTING FOR WOMEN credentials because his opponent is a woman? Who is he fighting anyway? He, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and President Barack Obama are running the whole show down there in Washington, at least until January. Who is he fighting with?

Over the next several days I will be picking apart Phoney Palloney's Farcical Franking piece and demonstrate why it is a campaign piece, complete with distortions, not a CONSTITUENT UPDATE.

For now, I propose that Congressional "Franking" be prohibited six months prior to a Congressional election and I challenge Anna Little and Scott Sipprelle to both propose legislation banning franking during that time frame and to pledge to refrain from doing so if that legislation doesn't pass when they are serving in Congress.


Lady Nah Nah said...

great idea, but they'll never do it.. if they did, they'd just sell out more to their special interests and largest donators.. that being said,it's good to see that the typical Democrat tactics of divide or separate their constituents is alive and well.. when Frank says he's working for me, I'm more insulted than ever: hopefully, their idea that the women will vote "Dumb-ocrat" in a majority this year, will no longer cut the mustard!..

Susan said...

I too received Frank Pallone's mailing "Fighting For Women" and it made me want to puke! Back in November of 2009, Obama told the nation that for women between the ages of 40 and 49 breast screening was no longer necessary, wiping out years of research and studies performed by the American Cancer Society and the National Cancer Institute. Their findings were such that women who fell into this age group should be screened yearly. They believed that early detection saved lives. Now Obama/Pallonecare supports breast screening rationing, taking women backwards in time and turns a blind eye to the prevention of breast cancer! So how can he really be fighting for women???