Monday, August 16, 2010

Rally in NYC on 9/11 to Protest the mosque at Ground Zero

By Robert A. Gordan, Middletown, NJ

Should we go to DC for the 912 weekend activities or should we go to pay our respects to those lost and those still in mourning? Initially, I was inclined to let New Yorkers stand in opposition to the indignity of a mosque being built any where near this site. New Yorkers were weak (some, not all) in their opposition to the trials of 9/11 terrorists being moved here. I was there. In the rain. I felt it was their responsibility to be the bastion of resistance to this affront. I watched this YouTube video of President George W. Bush making what was obviously a heart wrenching speech, while whispering to the firefighter next to him, "Are you ok?" when he started to break down while the crowd was shouting "USA". How could anyone who loves this Country not feel the pain and anger? I am in tears while writing this.

We will go to Ground Zero on 9/11/10. We will pay our respects to those who were lost. We will share the grief that any real American feels with the families of the lost, and we will stand in defiance of those who would attempt to use this hallowed ground as an expression of hatred for this Country, it's values, it's people and it's love of freedom for all. We will be there. We can make the later trip to DC and still be there on 9/12.

This is my personal epiphany. Will you join us and stand up to those that need to hear us loud and clear: DON'T TREAD ON ME!
If you are still not sure, watch the video.

God bless you all.

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