Monday, August 02, 2010

There's Something About Anna That Keeps Them Worried

Joey Novick is a funny liberal lawyer. He has a blog, NJPoliticsUnusual that he updates a couple of times per month and cross posts at Politickernj.

He's latest post is about how excited he is that Anna Little is following him on twitter. He thinks it is odd that Little has only 2306 twitter followers. He has 277, (278 now that I'm following him.) I only have 9 followers, but I've only been on twitter since Friday night. (Please follow me, I don't want to be the "very unpopular high school geek" that Joey feels like).

What is funny about Joey's post is what he didn't write. He thinks it is odd that Anna Little only has 2306 twitter followers (now up to 2337, thanks to Joey, maybe). What Joey didn't tell you is that Frank Pallone has only 1670 twitter followers. I bet Joey doesn't think it is so funny now.

You know what else is funny? Little's website, has more than twice the traffic that Frank Pallone's website has, according the Little's site is ranked 2,020,757 woldwide and 537,213 in the US. Pallone's site, which has been online for years, not since January like Little's, is ranked 4,562,549 worldwide and hasn't earned a US ranking yet. (For comparison purposes, MMM is ranked 672,396 worldwide and 116,891 in the US, and Joey's blog is ranked 3,354,861 worldwide, with no US ranking earned.)

Joey writes that he has a bet going with Steve Longan over the Little/Pallone race. If Little wins, Joey will write a check to Americans for Prosperity, the advocacy group that Lonegan works for. If Pallone wins, Lonegan writes a check to the ACLU.

Joey should have checked Pallone's twitter account and the alexa stats before he made that bet.


Anonymous said...

Ok, Art. Thanks for following me on Twitter.

I will offer you the same bet I have with Lonegan: If Little wins, I give $100 to whichever conservative group you choose. If Pallone wins, the ACLU-NJ gets your $100. Are you in?

Joey Novick

Art Gallagher said...

You're welcome Joey, and thanks for stopping by here.

I'm in. Your $100 can go to Anna Little's 2010 or 2012 account.

If I lose, is it ok if I send the ACLU-NJ their check in a Christmas card?

Anonymous said...


You've doubled your number of twitter followers - plus, you have Newt Gingrich... you're on your way!

Anonymous said...

Cool. I accept the terms. You're on.

Joey Novick