Monday, August 16, 2010


Neptune, NJ- Unlike in Washington, Warren Lapp is going to do something different. He's actually going to go out and LISTEN to voters, rather than tell them what government is going to do for them.

After all, isn't that what it an elected office should be about? Mr. Lapp believes so as well, so much so that the FIRST & FOREMOST Plank In his platform is the voter.

Commenting about his campaign, Warren said, “I believe Government should be responsive to the people that elect them, NOT the other way around. Often Government becomes too intrusive & too overbearing in our lives. Government solutions become complicated & very expensive. That's why I will be concentrating on what the voter has to say about what THEIR concerns are relative to living in Neptune and what THEIR ideas are to find solutions to those problems. Often it’s the taxpayers that have the simplest of solutions.

As part of his effort to finally end the Democrat 5 & 0 tax and spend monopoly in Neptune, the same monopoly that keeps finding ways to increase taxes & fees, while spending it; Lapp will soon hit the campaign trail talking to voters throughout Neptune. Key among his campaign tools will be nothing more than a college ruled notebook to jot down the thoughts and ideas of the voters he speaks to.

For those not at home, Warren will leave information about a simple (anonymous) online survey that voters can complete, as he wants to hear from as many voters as possible. Once elected; he’ll take some of those ideas right to the Committee.

Speaking more about the 5&0 Democrat Monopoly, Mr. Lapp commented that, “the overriding issue is that Neptune's Republican & Independent voters have had NO voice on the Township Committee for two full years. The only way for them to share their views with our elected officials is with JUST ONE 5 minute trip to the People's Podium per Committee meeting.

I believe that government works best when ALL residents and ALL views have a seat at the table. I will provide that "reasoned voice of dissent," while providing cost efficient and alternative solutions that don't burden our taxpayers.

Neptune Township currently has no Republican “bridge” to both the County and State Republican administrations. Providing a conduit to both those Administrations could help Neptune identify additional financial solutions.

Mr. Lapp is also planning several open house events, inviting voters to come by to sit and share ideas and thoughts on how to get Neptune moving forward again in casual friendly atmosphere.

Something refreshing. THAT'S what you'll get from Warren Lapp's Campaign.

Find out more at

If you would like to help Warren as a volunteer, contact the campaign via
Jim Granelli at 732-567-7209 or via email, ANY help you provide in Neptune helps bring out votes for up-ticket races such as the County and Congressional races.

3 comments: said...

What's his record on Eminent Domain?

Warren said...

That’s a good question Tommy. I stand behind the Homeowner’s Bill of Rights document that currently is in place in Neptune. I am also very much opposed to the taking of private business to hand to another entity but I believe each situation is unique and stands on its own merit. Because of the current economic downturn eminent domain has been less of a concern in Neptune. Economic recovery would lead to new development and I would look closely at any new rulings and apply current court rulings to the best of my ability. said...

But Warren, you voted to allow Neptune the use of Eminent Domain to take a small family business so that a private developer could have the property, by declaring the property in need of redevelopment, when it didn't have be.

The Appellate Court overturned your vote.

In fact, below is a link to the Court decision overturning your vote, indicating that the judges were not satisfied that your vote wasn't unreasonable, arbitrary and capricious.

That seems very inconsistent with the Republican value of respect for private property rights and the 5th Amendment to the US Constitution.